Iranian Facebook users are faced with heavy sentences

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In their past 37 years of rule fundamentalists in Iran have shown no tolerance for anything other than ideas of their own. Personal liberties and freedom of expression are red lines of this regime.

By: Pejman Amiri

In their past 37 years of rule fundamentalists in Iran have shown no tolerance for anything other than ideas of their own. Personal liberties and freedom of expression are red lines of this regime. Authorities exert maximum pressure on the people to impede freely use of internet. High ranking authorities, and in particular the supreme leader Ali Khamenei himself, have issued instructions to limit use of interment and free access for foreign reporters who want to write about Iran’s social problems. All these measures are employed on the pretext of “social war to preserve the system” making admissible for Iranian regime to use the newest means of censorship to control the social internet networks. Meanwhile heaviest penalties and suppression are applied against subscribers and site patentees. 


Below are some of the “crimes” internets users in Iran are punished for:

Using abusive words for regime officials, Insulting mullahs’ Supreme Leader, insolent expressions against religious sacred, insulting the Prophet of Islam, the Shiite Holy Imams and the Koran, anti-government propaganda, wicked talks about Islam, and of course criticizing the government.

In addition to a cash fine Facebook user in Iran, committing the above “crimes” may face the following sentences: jail (up to seven years in some cases), lashes in public, solitary confinement and even death penalty.

 In President Rouhani’s Iran all these flawed charges, under the name of Islam, are for persons who just own Facebook accounts, All the punishment is for any Iranian citizen who like people in other countries desires to use modern world ‘s means of free speech.

Films, shown on state TV, of brutal attacks on people’s houses by the suppressive forces in Iran, using the pretext of dealing with infidels and insurgents, making Hollywood scenes and Zorro style attacks and beating up people by regime’s armed agents, all are to create an atmosphere of fear and terror. Shattering down satellite dishes and running over them by tracked armored vehicles are routine scenes in Iran which make examples of breaches of freedom of expression and civil liberties by the religious regime of Iran and its war with all social values of outside world.

. Mullahs in Iran are confronting all known international human rights values. Working with internet in Iran can have consequences of detainment, imprisonment, torture with the aim of getting the person to confess.

 “Reporters Without Borders” said on Friday October 2nd that an Iranian Facebook user, Sohei Arabi,  was recently sentenced to long term imprisonment  including two years under observation, during which he must prove he has repented to avoid death penalty. “During these two years, Arabi is required to seek answers to his religious doubts by reading 13 books on theology and Islam, writing summaries of them and writing an essay on theology and religion. He must conduct regular written correspondence with the Imam Khomeini Centre for Religious Research, copies of which will be submitted to the court. He must also write quarterly reports to the court with the aim of proving his repentance and renewed faith. If he fails, the death sentence could be reimposed,” Reported RWB.

Another defendant who repeatedly said he did not want to offend religion is being subjected to a form of arbitrary torture because the judicial system of Rouhani government wants to refrain and scare Internet users.

 The beautiful land of Persia has now turned into a large prison for its habitants.  Self claimed moderate, President Hassan Rouhani, gets scared if Iranians can establish contact with their outside world. Violations of human rights in Iran are so flagrant that no decent citizen of the world can tolerate.

Pejman Amiri is a political activist and supporter for regime change in Iran. He is Freelance writer and Pro-democracy on Iran and the Middle East

He tweets at @pj_arad


Submitted: October 08, 2015

© Copyright 2022 pejmanamiri. All rights reserved.

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