The Intruders

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At James Madison High, intruders were in the school campus and killing. I was the only one who saw them--they're not human.

Submitted: December 08, 2008

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Submitted: December 08, 2008



The Intruders---Part One

The school bell rang at eight, as usual. I parked my bike in the lot and stepped inside. It was warm. The hallways were filled with students. I went to my locker and grabbed my stuff. Then I scurried toward building B, where I had science. I rushed into the room and sat at my desk. The teacher had not arrived yet. Mr. Bumble entered the room with his hands full of texbooks and notebooks.

"Good Morning," he exclaimed.

"Good morning." we all cried.

"I hate Mondays." whispered my neighbor, Eric.

"Me too." I groaned.

I looked out the window, It was foggy outside. So thick that you can't even see a thing except whiteness.

The lunch bell rang and we stepped out of the classroom and into thefreezing weather. The fog was still thick, thanks to the lamps, wewere able to make it to the lunch room. I sat down at lunch and ate. The whole room was noisy. Suddenly, there was a loud scream and that silented all of us. It was from the lunch ladies' office. Mrs. Carman,one of the lunchladies, came running out with her face and hair wet with blood. She was screaming and screaming. Some teachers rushed to her, but it was too late.Somethinggrabbed her legs and pulled her into thelunch office. We screamed and ran forour lives. The eletronic went out and the whole room was dark. We ran in the darkness. Then, in the distance there was light. The door! Then there wasmore screaming. People are dying! The people behind were killed one by one. I got to get out of here! I pushed my way through theterrified crowd and outside. I ran to Mr. Bumble's room, which was the closest.When Ipushed open the door, I found Mr. Bumble's head on the floor--his body on the other side of the room. There's blood everywhere. Even on the posters I made that were stapled on the wall. From behind the desk, I can make out a shape of something moving--something wet. I was trembling so hard that I could barely move. Iforced myself to leave and ran to the nextbuilding. I pushed the door open, slowly this time. A few kids were there, crying under the desk. In the dark, I can barely make out their shape. The teacher, Mrs. Freeman, was under her desk.She looked up and waved me to come in quickly. I closed the door behind me. There were three kids. Taylor, Jordan, and Amanda. We all gathered around, forming a circle. "We think it's an intruder." whispered Mrs. Freeman. "Do they have guns or weapons?" asked Taylor sobbing.

"Whatever this thing is, it's not human." I said.

"What?" askedthe teacher, "What do you mean not human. You saw him yourself?"

"It's not a human."

"Then what is it?"

"I don't know. the only thing I know is that there is more than one, and that they are wet."


"It killed Mr. Bumble." I added.

Mrs. Freeman cupped her mouth, her eyes full of tears.

"Lock the doors and windows anddrop the blinds."

To Be Continued..... Tune in for Part 2 coming soon............... Thank you for reading.

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