The Religion of the Public Schools

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This is an expose of the corruption in the public school system in the area regarding religion.

Submitted: January 13, 2007

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Submitted: January 13, 2007



"We will not tolerate religion in our public schools! It is unconstitutional!" This is the firm position of many people in America. It is amazing to see how many people will fight (almost on a physical level) any trace of Christianity in our public schools. What they either do not know, or simply fail to mention, is that religion is already deeply entrenched in our public schools. There are many things that are religious in nature (such as Eastern mysticism, Transcendental pantheism, and outright satanism) that abound in our public schools. But there is one thing that is taught as an absolute and an unrefutable fact of life; the theory of evolution. Yet this does not seem to bother most of those same people who so ardently battle to remove any trace of religion (in reality Christianity) from the public schools.

  Some may argue that evolution is not a religion, but that it is a scientific explanation of the origin of life and the variation of species. However, this is not true because a fact of science is something that is testable, observable, and demonstrable. Evolution is none of these things; it cannot be. Anything that attempts to explain the origin of life is technically a religion as it cannot be proven and must  be accepted by faith. For these reasons alone evolution should not be in the public schools.

  Also, despite the many claims of proof for evolution, there is no true evidence to support it. A topic that is frequently discussed is that of the so-called "cave-men". Many textbooks will refer to Nebraska man, Neanderthal man, and Lucy etc. as "missing links" that supposedly prove that humans descended from an ape-like ancestor. But, what is not mention in those textbooks is the fact that all those "evidences" for evolution have been discredited. Nebraska man , for example, was a model that swas consrtuced from a single tooth (wrongly assumed to have belonged to an ape-man). It was later discovered that the tooth had come from an extinct type of pig. Another "proof" for evolution is the infamous horse evolution. The problem with this example is that the eohippus, the supposed ancestor of the modern horse, is not even an equine, but a hyrax, a type of animal still alive today. Also the transitional forms between the eohippus  and the modern horse fluctuate in their number of rib and toe bones increasing and decreasing at an irregular rate.

Why then, if there is to be no religion in the public schools, is evolution so securely anchored therein? In order to prevent further argument, both creation and evolution should both be permanentally removed from tax supported schools. There is absolutely no evidence supporting evolution, hence it should not be taught as a science. If there is to be no religion in the public schools, if there is to be justice, then evolution should not be taught in the public schools.

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