Scratch Marked Walls

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A simple trip to an abandoned house up on a hill turns into a hellstorm when two teens visit and end up releasing an ancient evil.

Submitted: April 15, 2013

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Submitted: April 15, 2013




 I regret everything.  Now I know that beast is hunting me down.  It started one evening.  My friend and I decided to visit the old condemned house across the street.  It was the only house atop a hill across my apartment.  The door was locked.  Luckily, my friend was a trained lockpicker.  He opened the door, and boy was the house old.  It was an old, eerie, dark house.  A cottage.  But there was a second floor.  We went around the first floor and found the electricity still worked.  When we reached the second floor, it was a bedroom.  Claw marks were on the wall above the bed.  A note was on the bedside table.  “For the Lord’s request, do not go to the basement.”
My friend was still downstairs.  I heard him say.
“Yo dude!  I found a trapdoor to the basement!”
My heart stopped.  I was struck dumb from the note, frozen…terrified.  I heard the creaking of a door from below me.  No…he opened it!  I was still standing there, frozen.  I heard a shriek, like a banshee….and my friend’s scream.  I rushed downstairs, suddenly able to move.  Ignoring the note, I found a bat on the bedside and opened to the basement.  Inside, I found something horrid.  My friend was mutilated beyond belief.  His entrails painted the walls room.  His eyes sloppily shoved into his mouth, empty of teeth.  His torso was ripped open and completely empty.  His arms were separated to opposite sides of the room.  His legs twisted in horrific angles.  His entire body was skinned completely.  Blood everywhere.  And in his blood, a note on the wall.
“You have released a great evil.  How many will die due to you?”
I vomited at the sight.  I fell to me knees, crying.  He was like a brother to me….  And now he’s dead….All of a sudden, I heard a scream outside.  Hesistantly, I went outside the house.  I saw two things.  A woman who’s neck was ripped out, and torso burnt out like acid was poured there.  And a creature, skinning her slowly.  The creature looked horrible.  It had two huge red eyes, no pupils.  It was like a bigfoot.  Shackles on his ankles and wrists, a knife in it’s right knee, and a bullet wound on it’s side.  It looked at me.  It’s fangs were at least three inches long each, razor sharp.  It’s claws were like knives shoved into it’s hands and feet.  Sharp, silver-ish, and unequally sized.  It shrieked at me, sounding like a dying lion that roared.  It charged, and I lept out of its path.  He grabbed my leg and bit it.  Eventually, he tore it off.  I screamed.  Blood gushed from my stub.  I painfully limped to a nearby phoneline.  I dialed 911, and told them to come quickly.  I locked the phoneline’s door, and luckily he couldn’t break it.  I fell but stayed on the line.  After what seemed like hours but really 5 minutes, they arrived.  The creature growled as the vehicles approached, glared at me, and ran.  In moments it disappeared.  A few weeks later, I recovered from the assault, and I returned to my apartment.  I’ve been writing this as a last words.  Before I went to sleep that day, I heard a familiar roar and a scream of many people.

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