With All The Passion Dare To Give

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: January 22, 2010

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Submitted: January 22, 2010



Tell Me

Did you ever love me ?

Even if for a split second ?

Tell Me,

How could you hurt me so ?

How could you break me so ?

How could you watch, Your mouth a tight line , Your face a carfully placed mask, Designed to fool

How could you watch as some of the last tears I had ever felt , Run down my cheek with the slowness Of dragging time

Tell me,

Did you even hear my heart break ?

'This won't work.We can't be together'

Did you even hear my Obvious pain ?

The agony Explode as the last words you said to me, Came to a close

Tell Me.

I can take it.

I will take it, But I cannot Promise That I will live through it.

Did my words even hurt you ?

As a shouted, Screamed

Did my small fists even hurt as they pounded against your chest

Did they even make a difference

Did the hate, The anger in my eyes

Even touch your boundries of feeling ?

Did I even make a difference ?

Was I truly just a toy ?



But I surley won't live through it.

Do you feel anything at all ?

When you see me,

Do you feel anything ?

'Tell me.'

I will Slowly and surly die, But at least your voice shall be the last thing I hear

Your face, the last thing I see

Your lips,

And As I will look on you, With a sob forming in my chest

I will think, perhaps whisper to whomever Will Hear

'My Death Bringer Was Beautiful'


Tell Me.

Kill Me With your words.

Your Apathy Ridden Eyes.

I just wish to hear you say it.

It Being something tottally different from the questions I have asked of you entirerly,

I would ask for 'I Love You' But that Would be a lie,

I Never Want To Hear A Lie In You Voice Again.

So I Shall Ask For my name.

Whispered softly, In my left ear

Your breath Sturring My Hair

Your cheek, Brushing mine, As If a deadly secret

Perhaps Your Fingers On My Shoulder, As If comanding Stillness

Your Ginger Hair, Poking out of your hat, Brushing against my face, combining with my hair

Your body close, Heated, And smelling of yourself

How I missed that smell

And Finally, Your strong voice, Always holding a secret, In my ear, Reaching my mind, Going to my soul, Making my heart ache with a longing so Strong I fall to my knees

Then I will shut my eyes and lie down in the grass.

Letting it sink in, Searching for the heat of your skin

And Then when I am quite sure that You are ready to go

I will open my eyes, And watch your back retreat

My chest heaving with an ache, growing with your every step

The wind biting at my skin, As you turn the corner and vanish

Tears come to my eyes and I am reminded of that day,

The salty water droplets running into my mouth and down my neck

My chest heaving, I contemplate running after you

But where would that leave me ?

Most likley nowhere.

But thats exactly where I am now.

'I can't take it.'

As My heart bursts into the Cold flame of heartbreak.

'Come Back.'

'I can't take it.'

'I can't.'

I will tear at my chest, Trying to rid myself Of such pains.

My heart beats ragedly, Unevenly.

How It can go on Beating , for one thing, Is a mystery

But Perhaps It is the knowlege That you are living, Somewhere, Only Twenty minutes running away

Perhaps the knowlege, That I might see you, Even if only at distance,

Perhaps the knowlege That your heart is beating, That I hadn't dreamt It All

That I had once felt you, Breathed In Your skin Like The drug You seem to be

Perhaps This is what keeps it beating, But It is also this, That plays part to the uneveness Of Its beating, The ragedness

I'll just have to try and focus on breathing; Won't I ?

Count the beats of my heart, And concentrate On A point in the sky.

But before My mind bursts and my chest heaves me into an oblivion of memory;

I will miss you like Crazy, Lover dearest.

I will think of you every day, Savour the pain That seeps from the skins of my Heart, For it was the last gift You gave me.

Every time you name comes to my mind I will hold my body, Hoping that I will be able to stay In a semi-one piece.The place where your voice and cheek had touched will grow hot, And I will give a sad smile.

You will always have some of me, My lover.

My mind and heart shall be with you; At some time of the day.

Remember that Alright ?

If you ever feel sad, Or upset.Remember that I am thinking of you, That I care for you a great deal, That I am yours still, Even if I am trying my best not to be.

I don't suppose that That fact shall mean to much to you, But still remember that.

My mind is on you, My heart with its dull ache, Is on you too.

Lover Dearest,

Yours; With as much love as I can spare, And with all the passion I dare too give


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