Everything Has Changed

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What if one day you'll wake up, and realize that everything has changed?

I miss the things in the past,

But they were not meant to last.

I hope these things would change,

But that would be very strange.


I remember the happy moments

Full of glee and excitements

We were so carefree back then,

But that could not happen again.


But the sad moments can not be neglected

And those really did happen instead

At first it was not easy to cope with,

But finally I got up on my feet.


Before the friendship became cold

Many stories were shared and told

Jokes and experiences were often shared,

And our laughter can never be compared.


But one day,

It is just so sad to say

The thing really did happened

And I was saddened.


I know I can’t do something

To bring back the past and everything

But one thing I am certain

Indeed, everything has changed.



Submitted: April 22, 2016

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