The Kingdom of Abomination

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Will you be able to love again, if that's the only way to be free?

Submitted: April 22, 2016

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Submitted: April 22, 2016



My name is Shaina. 21 years old. An engineer at the Crossroads Company. A girl that is highly respected by everyone, for the fact of being the CEO’s daughter and the future heir of the Crossroads Group of Company. A girl who had everything. No. The girl who almost had everything. Except for the one great love, that everybody else wishes.

(5 years ago)

It was the first day of school for my senior year. I will be graduating the following year and am gonna take up my dad’s desired course for college. As you see, I am trying to be perfect. For my whole life, it has always been my dad who orders me on doing this and doing that. And that’s the one reason why I think this life sucks, and for me it really does. Anyway, there’s this new student, a boy, who walked up and sat at the empty chair beside me. He wore a plain black shirt with long sleeves that has been rolled all the way up exposing his arms, plus a dark colored pants that highlighted his long legs. I noticed his face, and to tell you honestly, he’s handsome. And for the first time I knew that I felt something, and I knew that I had fallen in love. I went back to my drawing, when unexpectedly he held his hand in front of my face, then introduced himself. He said that his name is James, and smiled to me at the same time. I was shocked, but still managed to do the same and introduced myself. He then said that I had a pretty name, just like me. We continued to talk for a few more minutes. But little did we know, that it would be the start of our love story.

(4 years later)

I sat at the cafeteria while waiting for James. He is on his way from his outing with our high school friends and is expected to arrive anytime soon. He told me that he would take me to a place that I had always dreamed of. Well, you see, it had been us since our senior year. It is our 3rd Anniversary and he has been preparing something for me. I waited for a few more minutes, when suddenly my phone rang. It was his mom, telling me that he had been taken to the hospital. I collected my things and hurried over. I felt mad at him, since I knew that he had an accident during their outing. I kept on telling him not to go, since I had the feeling that something bad is about to happen. I also blamed myself, on letting him go so easily. I immediately found his room, but sad to say I wasn’t able to see him alive. He is dead. He is gone. And from that moment, I knew that my heart is now closed. For forever.


It has been a year since James died, and until now, I still haven’t gotten over him. I expected it anyway. Again, I felt the fresh tears roll down my cheeks. Suddenly, I felt something weird about my body. I stood up, and was blinded by the light that surrounded me. I saw nothing, but the bright light that shone upon my eyes so much. The next minute, I realized that I am not in my room anymore, but I am in a palace that seem to be so quite. I looked around and saw no one. However, there was an entrance a few steps ahead of me. I walked and saw a sign, indicating that it was the Kingdom of Abomination. I went inside and was greeted by some girls. They walked me inside and brought me to a room. By the far end of it, sat the King and Queen. They introduced their selves, saying that they are the powerful King of Devotion, and the Queen of Passion. I was bewildered. And as if the Queen heard me, she explained everything. She told me that I had reached the place since I am a brokenhearted person, and I shed my 30th tear. Moreover, she told me that in order to go back to my life, one requirement for me is I have to fall in love with one of my co-captives in the Kingdom. I also learned that they had also past experiences about love. The King told me that they would judge as to how sincere the love we felt for the other person. And if we pass the test, we would be given the Love Token that would serve as our ticket and as the sign of our love. I began to laugh, thinking how everything seemed to be so absurd. But I was stopped when the Queen told me that I would suffer the consequence if I were not to fall in love again. I asked about the consequence, and was surprised that I would vanish forever. I was alarmed by this, and began to believe in everything they said.


The next day, I met my co-captives. Some were happy while the others were not, and realized that we have no other choice. I met new friends despite this, and they comforted me. I asked them, how do they fall in love again? One of them answered that all I have to do is to open my heart. Part of me considered this answer, and the other part of me doubts this. The same situation kept on happening everyday, and I haven’t progressed so far. One time I was surprised when some of my friends has already gotten the Love Token. We bid our goodbyes and agreed to meet up again, when we can go back to our normal lives. I was happy for them, but at the same time worried for myself. I kept on wondering as to when will I be able to go back? The next day, more couples have been given of the Token; and unfortunately, there have been only 3 of us left. Me, Janice and his boyfriend Martin. I began to worry since I knew for the fact that I am the only captive left here at the Kingdom. Janice explained so much to me, and kept on saying as to how sorry she is on leaving me. Martin also gave me an apologetic look but I know that I have no right on stopping them. I said that it is okay, even though I know that it isn’t.


The next day, the Queen sadly explained to me that I am about to suffer the consequence of not falling in love. I was, of course, sadden by the fact that I would vanish forever. I realize that I didn’t even have the time to explain to my parents, and to my friends. I told the King and Queen that I am ready for it, and asked to be alone for a moment. They gave me a chance and told me to take my time. I wandered by the garden and thought of many things. My life, my parents, my friends, and most of all I thought of James. I smiled just by thinking of him. Alas! I would be able to see him again when I die. I didn’t know what happened next, but all I know is I reached for my pocket. How surprised I am to see what is in my pocket! It was the Love Token. Then I halted, and was shocked how did it get there? When I had never fallen in love again. It was also impossible that somebody else gave it. To clear everything, I ran inside and went to look for the King and Queen. I showed it to them but then they were gone. All that was left was an hourglass. I cried because I did not know what to do. Who would I run to? I grabbed the hourglass and threw it across the floor. I was surprised when a bright light glowed again, just like when I was in my bedroom, and a series of events was showed in front of me. It began when there were two lovers who were in to each other so much, and sadly they perished in an accident. After that, the same couple were brought to a palace, and realized that it was the Kingdom of Abomination. They ruled for a few more years, and helped more people. Suddenly, I saw my mom giving birth to me and I saw James’s mom, giving birth to him also. The King and Queen, during that time were looking down at us and seemed so happy.  And that was then the moment that I realized how we look so much alike. This even added to my confusion when I felt a sense of familiarity when talking to them, especially the King. Because the truth, the Queen was I and the King was James. From then on everything became clear to me. I cried and hugged myself, for I know that I would be able to see James again, when I reach the after life. And just as I had expected, I began to vanish. As this event happens, the Kingdom began to disappear, and I know that it would be gone forever. Nevertheless, the only thing that I know is that my love for James, and his love for me will never fade away. Because I have proven that, I can never love anyone else other than him, when I was a captive at the Kingdom of Abomination.

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