If Only I Knew What Would Happen, I Wouldn't Have Gone Out To Meet the World Today

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Roll the dice you decide your fate. Where your lucky charms and see if you are a lucky bastard or an unlucky fool.

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Submitted: August 06, 2010

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Submitted: August 06, 2010



I live in a world where dice rules. With just a toss it could define the future for any lucky or unlucky bastard. The game is to roll the dice and see what side it falls on. The game is played with faces on each side of the die. Happy and sad are the faces that sit on the surface of the die. The player will ask a question, like, “will I die from cancer?” with a quick whispered prayer, he would fling the dice across the table. All you can see is a blur and an occasional grim face. Everyone stands rigid especially the player. He is sweating and crying, he doesn’t know what to feel until the dice decide what will happen to him. The dice hit the other side of the table and roll to a stop. All three will sit with one face up, they might all carry the same face or they will be pairs of a certain face and that’s what decides everything. Two happy faces means you are good, two sad faces means you’re screwed. This unlucky fool had two sad faces and one happy face. We all knew his fate, he would die a miserable death from the vicious plague eating at his body. He burst into tears and was led away before an uproar was started.
My mother and father used to be lucky at this game until my father came here, drunk as a fish swimming in vodka. He asked a fatal question and threw the dice. My parents died the next day in a car crash. Since then I have lived here, working as an apprentice to the ass who created this “game”. He wasn’t too bad of a guy when he was in a good mood, but he was vicious when mad. What I hated most about him was the wicked grin that crept up on his face when a player threw the dice and found out he was unlucky. He was a sick old man alright and a sadistic one too.
I guess the saddest part of this game is that you can also mess with the future of another individual. I mean it’s against the rules and all, but there are still ways to sneak around the rules.
“Mickael! Yoo-hoo! Mickael!” I turned to the frumpy girl dressed in pink. She was a cute girl, but Lord was she annoying and the pink, ugh! I can’t stand so much pink in just one sitting. “Mickael, oh sweetie, you have to come to my party tonight. Oh please say you’ll come.” She gave me a plastic smile, but I guess it was a sincere smile. But I did wonder why she was inviting me, she hated me. I was marked as a weirdo at school and she was popular and ‘cool’, I didn’t understand why she would even try talking to me when she knew her reputation can be ruined instantly.
“Maybe.” I smiled back at her and turned back to the notebook I was scribbling in. She got the cue and started to walk back down the street, but before rounding the corner she yelled out, “be sure to be there by seven!” And then she was gone along with all the color she drained from the street with that pink outfit.
“Mickael!” A voice from inside yelled at me. Irritated I yelled right back, “can’t I get some peace and quiet once in awhile!?” I stomped in and was met with a slap across the face. The old man was in a vicious mood, “Don’t you EVER speak to me in that manner, Mickael.” Rubbing my reddened cheek I muttered “go to hell you ol’ brute.” He whipped around and eyed me and I shrugged. Following him through the building, it was oddly quiet. There was usually the happy yelps of joy and the weeping of those who ran out of luck echoing throughout the stone building, but today there was none. I walked on without mentioning the strangeness of the building. The old man opened a door and gruffly told me to get in. I found a chair and sat down on the far side of the room.
“Now, there is something I need to tell you.” He paused for dramatic effect, “are you ready?” Rolling my eyes, I nodded and motioned for him to go on. “I’m passing on into the next life, Mickael. I have outlived my years here on this planet and now I must pass onto the next one. Everything I own will be yours the day I die. Mickael, you are my successor.” He looked at me with solemn eyes, there was neither menace or joy flinted in his yellowed eyes. He looked at me as if he knew what the future told and I shifted uncomfortably in my chair. “Mickael, you will need to find your own successor when the time comes. The boy across the street, he looks at you a lot and although he is your age, he could be your successor.” He smiled ruthfully and I laughed, he was talking about Sasha. He was a friend and nothing close to a lover -but secretly I wished for it to be more-, but I didn’t mention it to the old man. He had enough on his shoulders. “Go and talk to him now, ask him to be your successor Mikael.” I nodded, but before he let me leave through the door, he grabbed me and pulled me into a gentle hug. “Go to the party tonight Mikael. Remember, you are like a daughter to me. Although, you were born to others I have cared for you like my own. I love you Mikael, no matter how much of a grouch I am, I don’t want any harm to come to ye'. I’m sorry for all the little things that I did to you, I love you. Please forgive me.”A tear glided down my shoulder and I separated myself from him to look into his tear filled eyes.
“I forgive you, you big buffoon. And I love you too, thank you for everything old man.” With a quick peck on the cheek, he sent me off to Sasha’s home. I ran out the door and thought of nothing of what the old man as anything peculiar, he was just sweeter and I thought about how before I leave for the party I would cook him something delicious. Thinking of food to prepare, I ran into the person I was looking for. “Sasha! Hi, hello, uhm… Can I talk to you?” He laughed at my odd greeting, but he agreed and he showed me into the house. It was half a garden house and the other half was a living area. We sat on the floor because all the chairs were being prepared and the couch was occupied by the cat and dog.
“What would you like to talk about?” He smiled at me with perfectly uneven teeth. He was rather a stunning person and I did have feelings for him, but I was much too stubborn to admit it even to myself.
“Well, you see… ugh, Okay.” I stopped to get my sentences formulated in my head, “You know the old man I live with across the street?” He nodded and I went on, “well I guess I’m his successor and he wants me to choose a successor. He suggested yourself and I agreed, will you be my successor?” I smiled at him and his eyes dropped.
He picked up my hand from my lap and put it in his own. Absently rubbing his thumb between my fingers. “Mickael, I would love to be your successor. But I hate that job. Ruining people’s live, for what? Money? I would only choose another person to do it or I would destroy the building myself.”
I agreed with him, I hated the job too, but we both knew it had to be done. “Thank you Sasha.” A small smile was enough to bring him back to his happy-self. I scooted closer to him and leaned on his shoulder. “So I was invited to Miss Pink Eliza’s party tonight.”
“Me too.” He mumbled. “Well, I was thinking about going, wanna come with me?” He smiled and nodded eagerly to my request. I laughed, “well let’s get going. It’ll be dark by the time we reach her house.” We walked hand in hand out the door and down the street.
We arrived there in record time, like three minutes before nightfall. Lights were already on in her home. We found out she was filthy rich by just looking at the outside of the house. It was painted a shade of pink and it was clean as if the walls were scrubbed every day. Walking inside one could see all the ornaments covering the walls and expensive vases littering tables and windowsills. Eliza greeted us with a huge smile that was out of place. She gave us drinks and led us around the house. I noticed we were late, there were kids from school wearing faces of disgust and people I never had seen before wearing the same mask of disgust. I was uncomfortable, Sasha could feel it. There was something a bit off about this whole party and we didn’t find out until we were shoved into a room. Eliza’s voice was close to our faces, I could smell her perfume clogging up my nose. “Come, come you would like it in here. It suits the both of you.” It was all dark, but I could hear something jiggling. Something that reminded of dice rolling in the hands of a player who was about to cast their life away. A light came on behind us. Sasha gripped my hand tighter and I his. Behind us was a table, one that looked exactly like the one that the old man used. “Oh Mickael, don’t look surprised. You know exactly what this table is and you know what these are.” She held up her hand and I could see three squared objects in her hand. Dice. Realizing how fatal this could turn out to be, I pleaded with Eliza asking her to just left us go. But she refused. Three snaps of her fingers and four men came out of the shadows. Burly men with muscles that intimidated any living soul that laid eyes on them. Two grabbed Sasha and the other two grabbed me. I kicked and clawed trying to be released. To no avail was I able to get an armfree, in the end I gave up. Exhausted from the fight that I knew I would lose. I turned to Sasha and he was breathing hard with a black eye. “Bring Mickael here. No, the girl, you idiots!” She screeched. Dragged to stand next to Eliza, grabbing my hand she pried open my clenched fingers and placed the dice on my palm.
“Please,” I whispered, “please don’t do this.” She laughed at me and spit in my face, right between my eyes. “You have such pretty eyes Mickael, such a pretty shade of blue.”She whispered some words to the dice that I couldn’t hear over my own pleas. Squeezing the tendon of my arm, I released the dice. All I could see was a blur and the occasional grim face and I already knew my fate. The dice hit the back of the table, two sad faces and one happy face. I screamed and tape was pulled over my lips. It felt as if something was gouging out my eyeballs and I knew that I was losing my sight and color from my eyes. I was only going to be left with an eyeball that couldn’t see. I looked at Sasha and saw the horror displayed on his face before darkness took cover and I could see no more. I stood there, silently crying and I knew I lost everything except the one thing my father had won for me when I was a child. I whipped around, peeling off the tape with one motion and sniffed for the strong aroma of perfume. I found it and with it Eliza. I grabbed her and dug my nails into her. They were growing into sharp points and I could feel her blood trickling down. “How dare you take my sight away from me. For that you will pay dearly, Eliza.” I felt power surging through me and I could hear the thunder coming from above. I screamed and I could feel electricity hitting us, hitting everyone around us except Sasha. Extracting myselffrom the dying Eliz,I listened tothe screams and smelled the burnt hair. “Sasha, Sasha where are you? I can’t see. I can’t see anymore.” I wailed until I could feel his arms wrap around me. I turned and cried into his chest. I cried for the ones that laid dead at my feet, I cried for my own loss, I cried from the pain that enveloped me, I cried and cried. I could feel Sasha’s lips kissing my forehead and he then picked me up. We walked for a long time. I could smell something burning something that was neither flesh or hair, it was wood. Sasha halted and a gasp escaped his lips. “Sasha what’s happening?” I muttered from his chest.
He hesitated and tried to start a sentence, but all that came out were sounds. “Sasha?” He put me down on my feet and hugged me. “Oh Mikaela, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, but your old man is gone and so is your home.” I could feel my own breath leave my lungs. I’m free to do as I please, but my heart grieved for the old man that I once called ‘papa’. Stunned, Sashaled me to his home, the home that became ours. That night I laid in the bed with him,"if only I knew what would happen, I wouldn't have gone outto meetthe world today" and with that, one silent tear tricklevddown from my blind eye.

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