Going Out in Hate

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Submitted: May 21, 2008

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Submitted: May 21, 2008



Manuela sat on her bed in her jail chamber waiting for the time to pass. She had a ceremony to go to in thirty minutes and the time was like a weight on her shoulders.
What am I to do. She thought. I have no way around this. The times seems farther away every second, I just want to get this over with.
She was staring down at the stone floor of her jail chamber mindlessly playing with her chocolate brown hair. A pound on the door made her look up.
"Manuela, I have come to save you from this madness." A boy with red messy hair, tattered clothes, and blue eyes around the age of seven said.
"Don't be silly, brother." Manuela said. "I have no way around this, either way they will find me."
With that the little boy left and Manuela was alone again.
The time grew on and on and she was getting restless, she played with her violet dress and pretended that the ceremony was over already so that she may be in peace.
If only this would end... This time is not very long but yet it feels like years. I might go insane if I have to wait any longer, I do not care that I wish for my death. I just want this to end. Manuela thought with a sigh.
There was a squeak and a rat ran across the floor. The rat stopped at the wall beside Manuela and looked up at her. Sensing her sadness he scurried beside her shoe.
"What do you want little guy?" Manuela asked. She never feared an animal before, not even when she was confronted by a mountain lion.
Why are you so sad? The rat seemed to say as it tilted its head to the side.
"I have a ceremony to go to soon and the time will not pass fast enough." She answered the rat.
The rat gave a sad look to Manuela and snuggled up beside her foot, facing away from her. As odd as it was, the rat just being there seemed to calm her down.
There was a pound on the door again and Manuela looked up. The rat scurried away as the light came in from behind the door.
"Time to go sweetie..." A bald man about fifty years of age said as he beckoned for Manuela to follow him.
She rose and walked out the door into the bright hallway, relieved that she did not have to wait much longer.
The two walked down the hallway with stone walls and stone floors rounding certain corners here and there. Eventually the stone floor had a red carpet on it leading to stairs.
"This way..." The man said as lead the way up the stairs.
This is it, not much time now til I say goodbye. Manuela thought as they stepped up the last stair and walked through a giant entrance hall.
The red carpet got wider until it hit the main carpet. The man and Manuela walked along the main carpet to the front of the castle. A boy with black hair opened the gate and Manuela looked out at the moon.
The moon was reflecting a purple light against the darker purple sky. The stars were bright and the river was giving off a mist.
If I did not have this ceremony then I would actually enjoy this... Manuela thought.
They walked out into the darkness and disappeared into the purple tinted forest. The rock path squished under their feet and you could hear the cheers of people from the town square.
Nice, I feel soo loved... Manuela thought. I guess this is it... going out in hate.
As the square neared the path became more and more torn up. More rocks lay on the side torn from place and trees started to disappear and be replaced with houses.
All the trees disappeared and as they entered the main square, the cheers were now understood. They were chanting:
The crowds were getting restless and every one knew that.
The bald man walked faster and cleared a path for them to go through. Rocks, sticks, and anything was hit and/or thrown at them as they past all aiming for Manuela.
As they neared the front, a noose on a platform and a speaker could be seen. The bald man was running now as they neared the stage.
A big man came down the stairs and dragged Manuela up them to stand under the noose. He lightly placed it around her neck and tighten it loosely. He bound her hands together then backed away.
All went silent.
The speaker, a bonde man with a French accent stepped forward.
"In the name of god we sacrifice this woman who has done deads that disgrace our people. She says that she can hear what animals are saying. She is being accused of levitating objects frequently and scaring the young children. She may seem angelic, but do not let her fool you. She is a witch. On this October night we will rid our town of her curses. Manuela is to die by being hung."
So this is how it ends... by him accusing me of being a curse of the devil. Saying that I have disgraced our town. I do not scare children and I can hear animal's thoughts, it is not my fault. Be as it may, I must accept this. For I am the better. Manuela thought as the crowd continued to gasp at the speakers accustions and assumptions.
"Now we shall rid our town of this curse." The speaker said.
As he raised his han the big man pulled a lever. The planks beneathe Manuela gave away and she hung there by her neck, dead to all.

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