Payback's a Bitch

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Submitted: May 21, 2008

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Submitted: May 21, 2008



Drip drip
Blood ran down my arms and on to the green carpet, staining it.
I do not know how much more of this I can take I thought and looked up through my black hair.
I was kneeling on the ground bleeding down both my arms with bruises on every inch of my body.
"Do not be that way love. If your lucky this will all be over soon. To bad you do not have any luck." My boyfriend attacker said.
"You... monster." I said and slowly stood up. I used the wall behind me to help myself up.
"I would not call me that condsidering the state you are in." He said motioning a hand up and down my body.
My clothing was ripped, bruises were everywhere, and I was stained in my own blood thanks to this monster.
He picked the knife up off the ground beside him. It already had blood on it from my arms.
Slowly he walked forward and stopped in front of me.
"If you behaved then you would not be in this position." He whispered in my ear while toying with the point of the blade on my bare stomach.
"Just because I... would not sleep with you I deserve... this?" I asked and he slowly started to push the knife into my stomach right above my belly button.
My breathing increased and he removed the knife after a second.
"You deserve more than this, love. I am going easy on you." He said.
I looked up at him in horor. My heavy breathing did not stop, it just got worse as he took the knife and started to make a slight cut down my left side.
"I could bleed you to death right this second if I wanted to." He taunted me and went over the cut again making it every so slightly deeper.
"Why are you not? Why do you perfer to see me suffer than bleed me to death?" I said.
He stopped cutting into the cut on my side and dropped the knife on to the ground. His arms were around my waist before I knew it and I was wincing in pain.
"Because I still love you, love." He said. He tilted my head up and made our lips meet. He tried to separate my lips but I kept them glued shut.
I did not return his kiss.
He pulled away and looked into my pained eyes. His eyes were black now and piercing.
"You ungrateful little bitch." He said and threw me into the wall about twenty yards away.
What a monster! How dare he...
I slowly stood up and looked at him. He was staring at the wall where I used to be.
"Get out of my sight." He said, still looking down.
I did not hesitate. I walked, supporting myself on the wall, to the nearest door. I closed it behind me and almost ran down the hallway to the elevator.
The elevator, thankfully, was empty. I pressed the number one and relaxed against the wall.
The elevator stopped. I looked up. I was only on floor three.
Damn, someone is getting on.
I looked at the floor again. My clothes were not exactly 'presentable.'
My shirt was ripped so that my stomach was showing and there was a deep gash above my belly button. My side was dripping blood down my leg, where my one pant leg was gone, allowing the bruises upon bruises to be seen.
I folded my arms over my stomach and hid my face behind my hair.
The woman glanced at me then walked to the farthest wall away from me. She looked at the level I selected then looked at the floor.
The doors closed and the elevator continued on its course.
I glanced up at the woman from behind my hair to see her staring at me. Her eyes wide in horror.
The doors opened and she waited for me to move.
"You look like you have just seen a ghost." I said. I did not notice before that my voice was hoarse.
I stood up straight and stumbled out of the elevator, catching myself on the door frame as I stepped out.
I walked straight to the front door and through it, ignoring all the glances I was getting.
I turned in the direction of my house and started to walk that way. It was dark out all ready, but the advantage of living in the city is that there are street lights.
I walked down to the end of the block and turned the corner.
Five more blocks to go...
The moon was slowly creeping out from behind the clouds, helping to light my way. A wolf howled in the distance and the lights flickered.
I stopped
What the hell...
There was a figure standing in the middle of the street. It was wearing a black cloak that swung in the breeze.
My eyes grew wide as it started to come toward me.
I continued to walk like I saw nothing. As I passed the figure he angled toward me and started to follow me.
I tried to run but failed brutally.
This is going to be a long walk.
I rounded the last block and lightly jogged to my house. I unlocked the door, opened it, and locked the door all in one motion.
"Hello sweetheart." I heard from behind me.
I turned to see a clocked shape with a hood hanging over its face facing me.
"Who.... who are you?" I stuttered and backed up into the door behind me.
"I am a creature who wishes to help you. Your..."-air quote-"...boyfriend..."-air quote-"... did this to you did he not?" The cloacked figure asked.
"Ye... Yes." I said and looked down.
"Do you wish to pay him back for all of these lovely injuries?" He said.
I looked up and his eyes were no longer hidden behind his hood, they were glowing red. I heard him lick his lips before I answered.
He leaned in and pushed his hood back in one motion.
"Then I shall begin."
With that said he leaned my head to the left and bit me.
"AHHHH!" I screamed but he covered my mouth.
I felt my blood leaving me then that stopped. He released his teeth from me and stood in front of me looking into my eyes.
"I'm sorry... but soon it will all be over." He said.
I felt a burning in my neck and the pain was unbearable.
"It will be over soon Emi. I promise." He said but did not leave.
He led my helplessness over to my couch and sat me on his cold, hard lap.
I leaned up against him and it eased the burning, until it started to spread.

...Three Days Later...

The burning started to ease slowly, rapidly easing faster and faster. Until it stopped.
I sat up and looked at the cloacked man, who's lap I was sitting on.
He was hott.... No other word could describe it. He had dark red eyes and silver hair that went down to his shoulders where it curled out. His face was perfect, that of an angels.
"I am Jason. Emi, do you know what you are?" He asked me.
I looked down and noticed that my cuts and bruises were gone.
What the hell...
"You are a vampire Emi..." Jason's voice trailed off as he examined my face for shock.
"How the hell do you know
name?!?!?!" I asked and gave him a death glare.
"Cause I sorta.... kinda.... Emi, you know me. From school. Remember. I was your best friend..." His voice trailed off again.
"Jason... OMIGOD!! Wait... I thought you were killed."
"Technically I was and you just were."
My jaw fell open and I slapped him in the face. His face flew to the side.
"If you would have done that three days ago I would not have felt that." He said and smirked.
I looked at him confused and his smirk widened.
"I kinda made you into a vampire."
I sat there wide eyed and stared at him. I snapped out of it as realization kicked in.
I laughed evily and got up.
"I will be right back." I said and walked out of the house, not looking back to see Jason's reaction.
I walked down the street toward his the monster's house.
I wonder...
I started to run and it was soo fast. The wind ripped through my hair and seconds later I was in front of his apartment building.
I went into the elevator and pressed the button to go to level five. Luckily no one was in the elevator.
The elevator did not make any extra stops this time, though people got on whenever I got off.
Room 516... I walked over to the door and knocked.
I heard the locks undo and the door opened to reveal a blonde with black eyes.
"Hello Emi. Back for more." He asked.
"No... I came to give you your wish." I said and kissed him knocking him into the room. I closed the door behind me.
I allowed him entrance this time and when he went to undo my shirt I pulled out a gun and backed away still pointing the gun at him.
He looked down and noticed that I took the gun from his belt.
"Payback's a bitch." I said and pulled the trigger. The bullet to me looked like it was going in slow motion as it went through his head. He fell on to his knees and slammed his head on the floor.
I heard a laugh from behind me. I turned to see Jason.
"He had it coming." I said.
"He should of had worse." He said and walked over to me to give me a hug.
I know I thought but it is over now.

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