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Poem... yet again... hehehe...

Submitted: May 21, 2008

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Submitted: May 21, 2008



Some say we all have a purpose.
Some say we are all worthless.
Some listen.
Some ignore it.
I prove things right and wrong.
Some of us do have a purpose.
While others are worthless.
Not everyone can make a difference.
Some try to hard to help
And tear others down
While they survive.
Apparently we all have a destiny.
A destiny to get a deadly disease.
To die young.
Or to never find that "special someone."
These destinies can be broken.
Changed from good to bad.
Bad to good.
Bad to worse.
The changes never end.
Everyone influences each other's destiny.
Hitler killed Jews.
Iraq killed many.
Whether we like it or not
We are ruining each other.
Killing each other's dreams.
We are all murderers in a way.
Affecting each other's lives
And killing one another.
It needs to stop before we all break.
Before we are all broken with nothing left
To be lead to our own personal hell
By god himself.
We are killing off our species.
Soon we will be gone like the dinosaurs
And it will be all our faults.

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