Deja Vu...I Have Been Here Before

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This essay is a story about high school sweat hearts who meet up 24 years after graduating high school.

Submitted: December 29, 2012

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Submitted: December 29, 2012



Déjà vu



Déjà vu, a feeling that you have experienced something before, or the feeling that you are having exactly the same experience as one you have had before. As I sit at my computer and compose this piece the term déjà vu appears to be apropos. But why the term déjà vu? As the song by Tina Marie goes, “I have been here before.” But when? That’s right, it was February 1986, when at Hamilton High School two seniors entered into a relationship that will prove to leave an indelible mental foot print on their lives twenty-four years in the future. Déjà vu.

Some time during the month of March of 1986, these two high school seniors began this great courtship…There were many evenings spent at Cheviot Hills Park kissing and professing their unbridled love for one another…There were days at the candy shop exchanging sweet nothings while exchanging sweet nothings…There were also nights spent playing games of Uno. All of these activities by two impressionable youths who were so in love. But what happened to this love story…Déjà vu.

Shortly after their graduation like two escaped convicts, this once great high school union fizzles in the euphoria of a graduation day. But why? In the pantheon of great relationships, this relationship was on the Mount Rushmore of great relationships. Why? Because these two separate parts when merged fit as cohesively as water as it fills an empty glass. Imagine a union so strong that it causes two segmented parts to harbor emotions for one another bridging twenty-four years.  Déjà vu. 

Over the next twenty-four years this segmented unit would navigate through the inclement seas of bad relationships…Involving themselves with people whom they believed possessed the skeleton key to their tightly locked hearts, minds, and souls. Over the course of the years these two lives would intersect…An occasional liaison, phone conversation, or dinner…Both realizing a latent spirit always seems to led them back to one another. Déjà vu.

The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps. What makes this city so great? New York City doesn’t have the romantic reputation of Paris or San Francisco…But does it have magical love properties? Let’s think here for a moment…Remember that word déjà vu? Coming full circle, thinking back to that high school couple from 1986…Well, like in 1986, there they sat, in Central Park on July 3, 2010…As they in April 1986, in Cheviot Hills Park talking with the greatest of ease about the joys of life. Is it safe to use the word déjà vu?

From July 3rd, through July 6th, this once mighty high school unit realizes like Tina Marie, “I’ve been here before.” Got damn, déjà fuckin vu! Life is an amazing thing…In life we all seem to have that proverbial carrot on a stick in our faces which acts to motivate us to seek out the treasures of life…Such inanimate objects as money, cars, homes, clothes, and promotions. But, what we fail to realize is that in the grand scheme of life the most precious thing we can ever seek, cultivate, and nurture is a successful, healthy, intimate relationship that fits like water flowing freely into an empty glass. A great relationship should be like a stroll down the metaphorical yellow brick road. And much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz or the Wiz if you are Black, the yellow brick road does have its pitfalls, but at the end of the road is a pot of gold…Déjà vu.

Now, here we are after a great weekend spent with one another in solitary confinement learning the finer things of one another’s personalities. But, what makes this former high school couple believe this relationship will be so special? And why after twenty-four years of being segmented do these two individual parts believe they possess the spirit that binds them? I don’t know…But, déjà vu, “They have been here before.”

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