Joy...My Love

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This is a romantic essay about a man who has found the love of his life.

Submitted: December 29, 2012

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Submitted: December 29, 2012





Today, as I arose from my bed after feverishly pressing the snooze button on my alarm refusing to play the mundane hand of cards life has seemingly dealt me. See, to know me is to know a man who once held lofty ambitions…My ambitions included having a promising career, a big house, and most importantly and beautiful woman who would bring me joy!

When I mention the word beautiful, please don’t misconstrue my description to mean a woman who is of societal beauty. Society beauty would have you to believe a beautiful woman is one whose lineage has afforded her lighter skin, straighter hair, and an hour glass figure…But, no…That isn’t my idea of beauty.

My definition of beautiful is “Joy.” In my life I have had the fortune or misfortune to cross paths with many societal beauties…These beauties had figures so nice that they would bring the average man to his knees…But, they weren’t my Joy. As a man traverses through this thing we call life, a higher power fills his mental basket with packets of wisdom. Man is dispensed this wisdom to assist him locate his Joy.  

Unfortunately, too many men fail to put their packets to good use. Most men fail to recognize the true essence of wisdom. Most men confuse the gift of wisdom with the gift of time. Time, while it is the most precious of all commodities, can be man’s worse enemy. Time when managed properly can be a man’s best friend…When used properly, man can use time to accomplish his life’s goals…Conversely, when mismanaged, time can be man’s worse enemy. Many an incarcerated man can attest to the adverse effects time can have on one’s life.

Getting back to Joy, Joy is a man’s ultimate driving force. Joy, being a metaphor for the ideal mate…Has no predefined color, hair texture, skin color, nor shape. Joy description resides in one’s heart, mind, and spirit. See, as stated earlier in this piece, I have opened my packets, “emptied its contents on the floor” and used my packets to find my Joy.

My Joy is unique…My Joy is what I have always needed, yet never had. My Joy is omnipresent; her presence has a way of enveloping my heart regardless of mental state. My Joy always seems to fill my mind and soul with inspiration. My Joy is the ultimate team player who only desires to wear “my jersey”…Opting for a commitment rather than experiencing the rigors of free agency.

I want to thank you Joy for allowing me into your life…It has been a long journey, but one that has led me back to you. Joy, when I look you in the eyes, I realize I found a woman who causes heart to flutter with (J)olly, (N)irviana, and (G)lee. I can’t predict what the future has in store for me and my Joy…But I pledge to “empty the contents of my packets on the floor” and use all my wisdom to make you a happy woman. Thank you Joy!

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