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This piece is a commentary on the state of the Black race. The piece takes a look at who is responsible for children born without fathers.

Will a Real Brother Stand Up?


Will a real brother stand?  The Black race is in a state of emergency.  Brothers are being carted off to jail in greater numbers, impregnating multiple sisters in greater numbers, and neglecting their parental responsibilities in greater numbers. 

Will a real brother stand up?  In a June 2008, campaign stop, presidential candidate Barack Obama implored brothers to stand up, assume their roles as fathers, and take responsibility for rearing of their children.  Surprisingly, Obama’s speech was met with tumult and resentment.  In fact, Obama’s admonition was colored as an act of shaming brothers in front of a national audience rather than the elixir needed to promulgate a change...Coincidentally, isn’t “change” the battle cry for Senator’s Obama’s presidential campaign?  At a time when an inordinate amount of brothers are turning to a life of crime rather than enrollment in college, would now be a good time to ask, “Will a real brother stand up?

Will a real brother stand up?  During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, black pillars such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Fredrick Douglas, Medger Evers, and W.E.B. Dubois, mortgaged their lives for the betterment of the Black race.  And the collateral used, threat of incarceration, threat of death, and the possibility of failing to improve the black man’s lot in life. 

Will a real brother stand up?  In yester year’s southern Black culture, when an unwed sister bore a child out of wedlock she was sent to live with a relative away from her community.  The rational being an out of wedlock child birth would shame to the family name.  In those days brothers took it upon themselves to “do the right thing.”  The right thing was to marrying the sister thereby making her an honest woman, legitimizing the unborn child, and providing an environment where the offspring would have the benefit of a two parent household.

Will a real brother stand up?  In today’s time more than seventy percent of all Black children are the product of unwed parents.  What this means is thousands of young Black boys and girls are being reared in a single parent household.  Studies suggest children born to unwed mothers are more prone to be violence, have trouble in school, and are more likely to join gangs.  How did our culture transition from being a culture who demanded a child be born to married parents to now celebrating a mother who gives birth to a child out of wedlock?

Will a real brother stand up?  This piece was meant to vilify my brothers for the egregious mistake they commit in failing to live up to their parental responsibilities.  However, I must admit, my sisters you are equally culpable.  In fact, I place more blame on you.  You have the ability to diminish our exploding out of wedlock births.  Sisters you appear to have forgotten that your creator has bestowed upon you a gift so precious that it bares fruit more valued than gold.  That gift, life.  Sisters, before you make that decision to engage in coitus activity, please be more thorough in your “brother” interview process.  Remember, fifteen minutes of pleasure can produce an innocent bundle of joy that will require the union of a committed dyadic relationship between two responsible adults.  It appears that “a real brother just won’t stand up.”  Therefore, I have to ask, “Can a real sister stand up?”  


Submitted: December 30, 2012

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What an entreaty... I am not Black, though I'm in a mixed color relationship & I truely believe that if I were a black man, I would be eagerly venturing forward to be the "One" that you've made challenge here to be. Gallantry & courage are not, as some would portray. No rather, these traits are possessed by the man or woman who, in the face of mortal danger, & given a choice to stand up or not for what is right, to prove what it is one believes; stands with strength of purpose, faith & resolution, to face even the very jaws of hell with an eye single to the glory of God, & His righteousness... trusting the All-mighty to bring him or her forth with triumphant shouts of victory at the end of the battle. Shine forth warrior...

Sun, December 30th, 2012 8:31am

Maria Linda

well said.
You were able to deliver your strong points both for the brothers and the sisters. Very true that the women are also to blame why the rise of children born out of wedlock. In fact yes i agree my sisters are more at fault because a man cannot do anything if the woman won't allow it.
This is a fine work of yours. Just be watchful with your grammar. Like "more prone to be violence" is more proper to say more prone to violence or more prone to be violent; "would shame to the family name" is more appropriate to be "would be a shame to the family name".
Over all, i voted like for this work because i am convinced with your points of view:-)
Keep on writing.

Mon, December 31st, 2012 2:19pm


Thanl you and i appreciate the critique.

Mon, December 31st, 2012 7:15am

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