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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The struggle of mental balance between two people.

Your words, they contradict

the future, I cant predict

and what you say I know is true

only until we start to slip

you never fall, I always do

but you're the one who caused the tip

so I push harder to ground

avoiding the next trip

cause my mind wont leave this state

but its hard to stand straight

cause every time I feel stable

your balance, it starts to shift

Submitted: August 22, 2010

© Copyright 2021 Penny Lee. All rights reserved.

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hmm..mental strife..always making u unstable. I liked it. gud work!

Tue, August 24th, 2010 10:04am



Thu, August 26th, 2010 11:44am


You're not truly unbalanced until you're schizophrenic. Hey, don't tell her that ! Why not ? Because she might take offense to it. No she won't ! Yes she will ! What makes you say that ? Just because, I know these things. Oh, do you, since when did you become an expert on psychology ? Oh, you're impossible to talk to anymore ! You said that yesterday but here you are again today. Well I mean it. Sure you do. Psst.. What is it now ? I think we better be quiet or she may think we are bipolar. Oh, you're right. ?

Marked LIKE. We both think so.

Wed, September 1st, 2010 6:52pm


Haha that was a pretty cool conversation. Forgive me for being a little slow at following though, was it a real convo or did you just create it? Either way very interesting. And also forgive me for not catching on to this - did you like it or dislike it? I won't take offense I promise.

Wed, September 1st, 2010 12:35pm


Real convo, one person.

Liked, It's not hard people ! There's a little bitty blue button up there in black text, marked LIKE. Every writer out there would like to see it go from ZERO to ONE. Seems a lotta people can't find it !

Seriously, I liked your poem. Sorry you zapped my comment on your page, ah well. Forgive me, I just couldn't find "whoanuhh" in the dictionary so I thought it was uncharacteristically descriptive. J/K

I'm reading your "finite patience." I'll be honest, you want comments from me, it's gotta be on love, romance, revenge, innocence, seriously skewed views (read insanity), happiness, humor, contentment, ?u??u??? u?op-?p?sdn, or downright unexplainable acts of zaniness.

Moody stuff on loss of anything or anyone is harder for me to read and debate, especially if it's a small write.

My 2 bits ?? on the issue. And those two coins total 25 cents together last I checked.

Wed, September 1st, 2010 9:28pm

Jessa Sumner

i know you probably didn't mean it this way, but this is a powerful drug/substance addiction tale. amazing!

u'd like my "Stuck Somewhere Unknown" probably :~)

Wed, September 1st, 2010 10:56pm


i like it.

Mon, September 6th, 2010 7:38am

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