It's The Thought That Counts

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Submitted: March 10, 2016

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Submitted: March 10, 2016



It’s The Thought That Counts  


“Hello?” It’s me again. Uhhhgg, seriously?! Come on you crazy cat time to go, I’ll see you later bye.

Hey so I got another few minutes do you want to go to the park? No? Ok call me later!


At first it was just a joke, ya know, call 666, and talk to the devil and that’s when it happened. My friends were over at my house for a slumber party, which is supposed to be fun right? Well we started playing truth or dare and it was supposed to be harmless. Or so we thought, until it answered. But she didn’t tell anyone it did. So we went to sleep a couple hours later. We woke up the next day and she told us to get out, so we did. When we left we heard glass shattering like she was breaking plates or something, we got out quick after that.


Hello again It’s Mabel again, I was wondering when it can happen soon I hope. I’m sorry I have to go. HELLO? I’M READY NOW DO IT NOW!!!


Mabel was always a sweet girl until that night and we all feel terrible about what happened and how but she never told us that she was cutting, or that she was depressed, we all wish she would have trusted us enough now.  


Hey I found a way to make it happen and I’m going through with it, thanks for nothing!  


We never would have left her house that morning if we had knew, if she would have just told us we could have helped her. We were all her best friends, why did she leave us like this, why did you do it Mabel, WHY!!?!? why.....  


Hello? are you still good to meet me? I would like to know before I really go through with it, Huh? WHAT?! FINE! DON’T CARE ANYMORE!! I HATE YOU!!


Did she at least leave a note? Can we read it please? Thankyou!


As you might be able to tell, I have left this horrid place, with haste at that, and it’s not anyone’s fault but my own, I want you to know I love you Abbie, Gale, Jordan, and Casey, and I’m very sorry I did this to you but it was for the better..  


If it wasn’t because of us then how does this make any sense at all??!? We all wish we could have helped her through this. Now that we read the note we think we know why she did it and it’s pretty much the one thing she loved more than her best friends. We never knew she would do such a thing to chase This thing though. Her funeral is tomorrow and we still need dresses, we’re sorry we have to go, We helped you as much as we could.  


Hello? Zack? I love you, and I will see you on the other side I’m going to do it tonight baby, I love you more than anything, and after tonight we can be together forever. See you soon.





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