It's The Thought That Counts Part 2

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Submitted: March 15, 2016

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Submitted: March 15, 2016



It’s The Thought That Counts Part 2


Hello? MABEL!! I’ve been waiting for you for what seems like forever, I know things have been hard since my death and I’m so glad that we can be together now. I’m sorry for overdosing like I did. I hate myself for doing too much. I’m sorry I left you like that baby, I love you! -hugs-


Oh Zack! I missed you soo much I’m glad we can be together now too, even if it meant we both had to die.


“meanwhile satan calls Zack and Mable to his castle” Mabel, you have done many great things for the world above you may return to the land of the living if you please. I would love to but only under one condition, Zack gets to return too.  Very well then, you and zack may return to the world of the living, but you must keep him from using the drugs again but you musn’t tell him or you both will die once again by hell hound and be my slaves for eternity. DEAL! Then it is settled. ***




The next morning Mabel awoke next to Zack in her own bed. Her very first instinct was to phone her friendsand tell them what had happened. They were thrilled to see her again and vowed not to play that stupid game ever again. And 5 years later they kept their vows and Mabel and Zack got married, thats when it happened. Zack was with his friends the day after the wedding and they played. One of Zach's friends dared him to take a shot of heroine.


Ten minutes later Zack died along with Mabel, Zacks cause of death was certain, Mabel's however was the one that was the most confusing. Only Mabel knew the real reason. And that's how satan's master plan finally came into effect. For it had been certain that had killed Zack now twice, Zack, as stupid as he was, first called 666 on his own phone and talked to satan. And so satan in order to get some new slaves, killed two people for his own enjoyment. And that was 400 years ago, it is now 2416 A.D. and he is looking for a few more servants because Mabel and Zack just don’t cut it anymore. And he is coming for you. You can run but you can't hide from death forever. One day your time will come and then he will have you. So until that day comes i wish you good luck. See you sooner than you think......


-? Mabel+Zac 4ever..?  

The End-?4ever?

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