Another Breast Cancer Chapter

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Another saga in the Breast Cancer plans!

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



The plans went as

expected, so says

the medical community

Are they the GODS

Of my destiny?

NO! I am my own destiny.

My own plans

My own survival.

I cried, I cursed

I denied I pleaded

Then I got on

With thier "plans"

That included losing

It all, my hair

Many friends

My sanity at times.

But out of all that

I missed my freedom

the most

the freedom I enjoyed.

Now life was planned on Dr visits,

Chemo, lab work

Radiation, more visits.

Bone scans, heart tests.

My freedom was measured in

hourly increments

Can I eat, can I rest now?

Hour upon hour of “plans”.

And my hair, yes

They said I would lose it


Even eyebrows. Really?

Wigs, hats

Some days just bald!

I’m a rebel.

No need to hide it!

Just FIGHT it

my mind said.

Be you

Your beautiful self!

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