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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
It involves the destruction of a arranged marriage, and a family reunited.

Submitted: September 21, 2013

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Submitted: September 21, 2013



Moonlight streamed through the high windows of the tower, dappling over Julianne’s face, as she gathered her things together as swiftly as she could manage. Her heart stopped, when her husband Paul let out a gusty sigh and mumbled her name. The bed shook, the legs scraping against the stone floor as he turned over, his massive bulk barely covered by the blanket. She only felt herself relax when he started to snore.

There was a brief scratching at her door, and she couldn’t hold back the smile on opening it. “It’s time milady,” her maid handed over a black cloak, which mirrored her own. Like ghosts the two women fled through the deserted corridors, down the back stairs, and to their waiting horses.

Julianne vaulted into the saddle of her faithful piebald mare, patting the mare’s neck with a gloved hand, and feeling free for the first time since her bedding. “Are you sure you want to come with me?” she turned her head to face her maid. “No one would suspect you Anna…”

"I promosed him I would keep you safe," Anna responded before leading the way out of the courtyard. Julianne cast one brief look back at the stone brick building before following her.


Paul shifted in the bed, his sleeping brain occupied with the memories of his lithe and beautiful wife beneath him, as she had been mere hours before. He could smell her scent, drifting from the sheets and turned over, his hand smoothing over the gentle curve of her hip. Her skin felt odd, colder than it had ever done. He opened his eyes, to find himself entirely alone in the bed, safe for a striped carnation that sat on her pillow.

He smiled, lifting the bloom to his nose, and inhaling deeply, before feeling beneath the pillow for the note, he was sure would be there. Puzzlement overcame him when his grasping fingers came up empty, save for the cool metal of her betrothal ring.


“Do you think he will have woken up yet?” Anna asked, as the two women rode over the crest of a hill, sunlight streaming down upon them.

“I do not think so. The amount that he had to drink last evening should have knocked out even him,” Julianne slipped out of the cloak, feeling more than a little overheated. She had been wondering when her husband would find the carnation, and whether he would understand the meaning behind it. “We shall have quite a head start before he attempts to regain me.”

“I doubt that’ll happen,” Anna nodded to the approaching rider, who sat astride a lean black stallion. The horse was so well cared for that it’s ebony hair gleamed, like it’s rider’s golden hair.

Julianne couldn’t help the gleeful laugh that escaped her, as she recognised the rider’s features. She urged her mare into a gallop, eager to feel them in her arms once again. Her need drove her to stumble off her horse, when she was a few feet away. The two embraced, their bodies so close that she could feel their breath against her chin. “I missed you mother,” the whisper made Julianne’s heart soar.

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