Plumbing the Writers block

If life is a stagethen it's true I've got nine Cause I go through more stages than Centrelink lines Moving on forward through scenes I progress Exit right of the stageI digressI change my tunes like these actors undressI guess I am blessed I must confessBut under ultra violet Im a dissolving mess Stres sless is more So take it down I need some slowto cushion the blowthe landing is harder the more that you knowI know you knowThat there is no other way  North East south WestIts flipping Pennies show Im calling heads Im readyset GO.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


STOP. There it is. I'm awake again Im breathing through a paper strawt hats been dog chewed at one endI drove to the Oceanto check my Vital signs were hereI cant feel a single oneJust this radioactive shocking fearI came to get my head unstuck So i know im still alive But if fear is not an option then how the fuck am I going to surviveI didnt want to rap I came to write a song But this shit is all thats coming out from my numb so Im gonna Rhyme until Im strong.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Turn the pageIm coming of age You're cooling the burn and sedating my rage But its tight inside this circus cage Kicking and screamingI drown then I wave Im cool, I understandI got no qualms as long as you dont drop my hand But I cant go near you or Ill become you infecting our brain with the fumes of your glueI have to stay true and find my style run my 10 mile Simon says stay away from the lighteningcrash lyrical clash Let me rehashonce I rinse of this brain mash Dry it out and chuck it with your stash Brain wash didnt make me cleanMy head is full of muddy dirt I cant think of a word Fuck ok hurt That sums it all up pretty well I must say Im going this wayaway awaaaaaaaaywhere I can find something more than just patches of grey.


Yeah Im fucking stuck the wheels fell off my monster truck Maybe its because Im not mad anymore But that is subject to change once I get back to the floorIm just flushing out the dirtto clear the slateto regain my mind back into its rightful STATEI have no hateyeah you I do ratebut Im riddled with PanicButtons I cant stop im late Im late for a very important dateGet it? Na Im flipping through chapters to get this shit straight Gotta get my head clear Cant go another tear No time Must steer fucking steer this boa tI must keep afloat before i can start jumping off towers with Murder she Wrote Get it?Na Ok this is gonna take awhile for me to break my own style Ill keep busting it out til my thoughts turn to bile then put it in a blood ridden vile You can scratch in my name and float it down River Da Nile Get it? Da Nile? na it took you awhile But I made you smile and you can catch mine its on its way down the 8 mile....of River da nile :/Im off to re right some errors Its my re trial Cant take another mishapI have to move away from rap Gonna get back on top and lap it up with my lyrical mopGet it? Lap top?Ahhh fuck Penny stop


Planes and Choppers cut my divide Sky line is fine between pleasure and painful rhyme Climb the stairs to be bitten by dirty wings only to dive back where the ocean rings..around me Sharks in the skycue the scene for the ones that circle around the reflection in my eyes Surprisethe harmless machines make me see the beast in me My selfish search for freedom and they play on the fearof how humans are the killers more of a threat than these sea creatures will ever be Territory Its all written in the story Will fear be a saviour or is it really the noose it takes you and drives you til liberation lets you loose hmm loose now there's a word I thought sounded free but when you're tied to nothing and lost out at Sea you aint got no Anchor to secure trustin foreign territory..Survey the patterns but dont dwell for the rest of the story is outside the lines of the tell well thats now you begin the makings of a real Tidal swell Wise creation, we aim for innovation from the seeds of Imitation how can we conquer such limitation? I dont want to write someone elses master mind animation everyday the catalyst changeslight me up some new motivationI got psychic inclination that grants me the gift of guranteed reincarnation Fuck this Mind block Charkra Frustration time out while I search for some new inspiration

Submitted: December 25, 2010

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