What is the point of family

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Submitted: May 10, 2011

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Submitted: May 10, 2011



What is the point of having a family? 

What is the point of having a family ?when no one in that family care. What is the point of parents? when all they do is put u don't more then they try to lift u up? What is the point of family? when everybody only looks out for each for themselves. What is the point of family? When nobody never knows your hurt or the pain you have inside. What is the point of family? When that family only want you to do for them n when is your turn no helping hand. What is the point of a family? When you can go your entire life without a loving mother or a father to tell you hey look you'll do better next time, or that mother to say baby it's okay I love you no matter how many times u mess up.

What is the point of family?  I will never understand how parent could look at their kids n turn their back like u was never there. For that I say you mind as well had an abortion. Then I think about it n I do thank u for your fuck up, I do thank you cause now I can say look at me now I did all of this with no help, no family no one to say hey here is few dollars go grab something to eat.. But all I can say is I love my life n I love you anyways, I say I love u cause if u didn't lay ur ass down n did what u did I wouldn't be here, I say I love you cause at some point of time u going to think about me and say damnnnnn I fucked up, n I'm going to say yes u did yes indeed you really fuck on this child here. I will never turn my back on the kids I help make. But hey u are u and I am me n never will be you. Yes we might look some what a like but damn I am sure a better person then u ever was.

What's the point of family? Well I can say everybody family is not da same n yes some have parents that love n care about u all. But for me I can't say there will ever be a bond with me n da ones who help bringing me into this life.

All I can do is just be better n show them all I can do this.. I might be where I want to be but give me time I show ur ass that I can do this n yes I did it.. 


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