I buried my heart in Ranch Acres, Illinois

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A copy-paste from my Facebook profile, as a lot of my work will be. If you see a lot of stuff appearing at once, no, I may type fast, but I cannot type 9,000 words per minute. I wrote this one a few days ago.

Submitted: October 07, 2009

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Submitted: October 07, 2009



I often see this sky as a sea
Veiled and submerged
Lonesome pillars in the heavens
Support my sanctuary

Broken toy horses
Frozen in eternity
These walls, these walls
I do not trust these walls.
For I feel they are watching me.

Count miles count days
From when I held the key
The numbers, the lines, all drawn in the light
Of a lamp, of a lamp.
Burning red with unquenched spite.

The path, the path
This misleading road.
Has lead me down, too dark to see.
In garnet clad, with sable dashed
You were when you destroyed me.

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