Perpetuality (A Departure in Six Parts)

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Submitted: December 19, 2009

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Submitted: December 19, 2009




Good evening to you, gatekeeper, keyholder!

It's oft strange enough without your presence.

It's most peculiar to have lived away, away from you

streaking into oblivion at fifty five miles per hour.

If my heart could have let me have some solace
perhaps all the miles would recede.
and crash no longer upon the weary shore.

And when I dream
All I dream of is machinery, it seems.
And when I dream, I do not like what I see.
So render me blind.
But remember
if you wander
I cannot save you from what you may find



Conversations are the men with rifles
aiming directly at our wavering hearts
with all the talks we've had
I think we've assembled our own firing squad

Oh, it was the last time we talked

it was about the plans you made
and when they were not in vain.
not of ice
and not of steam
yet now it is gone
all the occasions are falling, extinguished
Grey and empty cinders
Like every broken promise
that makes the world black

burning burning the forest is burning
around the sanctified silence
within our final vows our last wills
are spoken, hush, hush.
are the only things that hurt me
or you.

I know why he's here.
Ebon cloak
silver scythe
reaping the roses in all the fields
and now
with you
he has found a rose no finer.

Hello little moths.
Winging the other way through the street
while the air reeks of uninnocent vestiges
and car-alarms shrilling a symphony
of cracked glass and rusted pipe
played in the enseamed gutter

I took a bit of time
stole it, rather
and rewound, remembered.

And then I left
much in the same manner as I arrived
quietly, quietly, tiredly, tiredly
wondering why this silence echoes
so much through the depths of the dismality

Now it seems so much louder
yet so much more in vain.
For I am sure that I'm the only one that can hear it right now.

The compass is asleep
dreaming on the dashboard
about silence and surrender
certainly we've lost our ways by now.

Believe, believe while you still can
I would will you to.
The times are drawing ever shorter
and if there ever was a time
to search beyond
to dream afar
to believe in love
that time is surely now.

Though if you ever believed in me
I'm sure you'd believe in love
and if you'd believe in that
then I'm sure I'd believe in you.

Classroom. Classroom.
Crumbled, corrupted.
Cruel closed door.
Closed room.
So full of blindness
Blindeyes, blindhearts, blindminds.
Blind blind blind.

Such a flawed thing, devotion.
So strange, confused, love.
Everyone seems to be in it.
Yet no one is.

I can't keep the ship aright
Can't keep the ship aright
turn me hard to starboard
face me away from unconsciousness.
face me away from ignorance.

I have to know.
I always have to know.

Ah, alas.


We were young

Young, trapped, nescient.

Never understood. Never truly, at least.

Oh, too preoccupied with the matter and not the mind, breaking our hearts every day.

Too busy thinking

too busy doing

too busy going

too busy leaving.







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