Free from Slavery

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Isa is a slave who trust God to give her freedom. She finally gets free and she is save forever more.

Submitted: May 15, 2010

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Submitted: May 15, 2010



I am going through the trouble times being a slave and being away from my family. I am only ten but I will be eleven in two weeks and I can’t wait!! My name is Sunshine but my slavery name is Isabella people call me Isa. My mom said that I have her strength and her love. I have her strength because I can stop someone from doing wrong just yelling at them. I have her heart because I am so kind. I have my dad’s passion and anger. When I am mad I get really angry and I am passionate by having passion within me.  You know that masters are usually mean and ornery but my master is as if he was my father. But I would never accept him as my father because I want to find my own father. Anywaymy master is going to be 79 tomorrow.

“Isa!” exclaimed the master.

“Yes,” Isa said.

“Where is my food I am hungry,” said the master softly

“Sorry sir,” Isa said with her head down in shame. So I cooked him four eggs, two pieces of ham, and two pieces bacon. I severed my master food with a cup of coffee. Then he me gave two eggs, a piece of ham, and a piece of bacon. Was that ever delicious!! When I was done eating I whipped up the dishes and then cleaned the house. My master said I could go to bed but I wanted to make something special for his 79 birthday. My master went to bed and I made a cake first. Then I cooked steak the way he taught me and I cooked brown rice. I put the cake in the oven and while the cake was cooking I turned the beans on. Then I sent a slave boy to invite7 people in a family and then 9 other people in a family so it would be 79!! I told them to come at noon.  After an hour all the food was done. I put the food in the fridge and decorated the house. I put the number 79 on his cake. Then I went to bed and I was going to get up at six.  Because my master gets up at eleven so I wanted everything ready. When my alarm went off I got dressed and went down stairs I made my master his favorite breakfast food. I put it on the table then I wrapped his 7 presents on one side and then his other 9 presents on the other side so it would be 79!! I heard my master getting up and I warmed his food and I sat it on the table. He came down stairs wondering what smelled so good. I was putting the supplies that you eat on the table. He sat down and prayed getting ready to eat.

“Happy Birthday master, “said Isa with a smile

“Thanks Isa,” the master said happily. It was noon and I went by the door to greet the guest. The two families came in and said happy birthday.

What on earth is going on? Asked the master

“It is your birthday and I wanted to make a surprise because you don’t have that many friends and I wanted you to be happy on your birthday,” said Isa happily

“Well I think I need to you give a payment for your birthday, said the master.  Then the families’ came in and brought their presents in. The family that had seven people had 3girls and 2 boys and then the two parents. The family that had 9 people had 5 girls and 2 boys and then the two parents. The first family was named Isa and the girls’ names are Elizabeth 7, Beth 4, and Francesca 11 the two boys’ names are Alex 9 and Colton 10 the parents names are Angel 50, and Alexander 48. The second family was named Pearl the girls names are Samantha 7, Sapphire7, Linda 8, Brianna 6, and Rebecca 5. The two boys’ names are Myles 4 and Nicholas 3. The parent names are Allison 54 and Joseph 56. When they got settled in Elizabeth and Sapphire played with Isa. Then the master opened his present. After awhile the girls felt sad for Isa and wanted to adopt her. When the young girls asked the master said that can be my birthday present. So they took her and after awhile she was adopted she knew that it was God with her from then on she trusted God.  


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