Life is Hard with Boys all around

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Marrisa is going to college and finds a guy but this guy wants sex and mARRISA PARENTS ARE DEAD. Is it right to have sex?? Marrrisa says yes and the parties starts. She love it a lot and then they finally have it. This is chapter 1

Submitted: May 18, 2010

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Submitted: May 18, 2010



"Marrisa what do you want to do ?," John said pulling her Shorts down slowly.

 "Don't know," Marrisa said not knowing what John was doing. Since this was the last day of school. Marisa went to John's house to spend the night for a month. They were making lunch and then the sat in the living room. John spilled pop on Marrisa on porpuse. Trying to get her to have sex.

  "Uhhhh what did you do that for," Marrisa said.

 "I am so sorry." John said lying. Then Marrisa changed her clothes and she called John. John ran upstairs this could be his chance that he always wanted. MArrisa helped herself up. John purposely cut her shirt but acted like He didn't mean to. Marrisa didn't want this to happen she kicked him and punched him but John just smached her as hard as he cuold. Then he gave haer a lexture. She was obeying him. John said in is mind that he wasn't going to do something serious. He knew it was wrong so he dresses Marrisa. That day Marrisa broke up with him and she fond another guy named John but he was hanndsome.

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