Love Finds You With the Right Guy.

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20 year old Marrisa wants to go to Florida because she just finished college and she want to start a new life. Before she knew it she was already dating a guy. Soon they got ingaged and they were planning a wedding but everything got messed up. John had to go to his mom's house in Hawaii because she was dying and when a year past Marrisa thuoght she was going to give up. Can Love get the perfect match to gether again?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted: May 15, 2010

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Submitted: May 15, 2010



Marrisa is is getting her gradution suit on because today is her gradution.

  "I am so proud of you Marrisa to be so smart and gradutate from college already," Mom said crying softly.

"Time is going so fast I am going to Be 20 tomorrow," Marrisa said with excitment. Whan the graduation and the party was over mom and dad drove her to the airport they talkes for a while and then the hugged Marrisa and said good bye. When they left Marrisa was getting on the plane to Florida. She was looking around and then found this handsome looking boy.

 "Whoosh was he ever handsome," Marrisa said to herself. The guy came over and sat by Marrise the plane was flying the two of them were talking and they were already at Florida.

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