Becoming of a Weapon

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I have never actually taken the time to sit down and write anything before, however I have always had a very active imagination, so I decided to write this short " epic fantasy" type scene that I came up with the other day.

My experience with writing goes as far as a few English classes throughout school, so any feedback/advice would be great!

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012



Taking a deep breath, Eliam gazed out from the mountain clearing from which he stood. Over looking a vast valley of tree tops that seemed to stretch on as far as the eye could see. Eliam swiftly turned on his heel, meeting the solid gaze of the most dangerous man he knew, his mentor. \"Again\" was the only word the man said, looking down at the hilt of the wooden play sword Eliam held in his right hand, he tightened his grip and strode forward at a quick pace. With one fluid slash of the sword the sound of wood clashing against wood echoed in the mountain clearing, it only took seconds before the dull edge of the mentors wooden sword came to a light thud at the side of Eliam's neck.

Eliam sighed, the man was lightning fast! every strike or slash he came at him with his mentors wooden blade was there to meet his, always by a slight instant. The mentor said but one word, as he took several strides paway from Eliam, \"again\". As Eliam stood watching his mentor, the man threw his wooden play sword down on the ground and simply lifted his hands up in front of him moving them in circular motions, \"what are you doing?\" Eliam said, \"how-\", the mentor simply cut Eliam off with his words, as sharp as any steel sword \"again boy\".

The man moved slow, his eyes locked onto Eliam, never so much as blinking, one foot over lapped the next as he began to circle Eliam like a prowling cat. That was the only way Eliam could think of to describe the way his mentor moved, slowly and dead quiet, like a cat on the prowl but could strike lightning fast like a cobra. Sweat covered Eliam, dripping off his hair all the way down his back, he darted forward with a qucik slash and forward strike, the mentor easily stepped aside avoiding both and before Eliam could get in another move the mentor had what seemed like a death grip on Eliams sword arm and the tip of a sharp steel dagger in the other hand a hairs length away from Eliams throat.

Elaim stared at the mentor in shock, \"a sword is only as much of a weapon as the man who uses it\" the mentor said as he released Elaim and stepped away, \"you must be deadly with you're hands, untouchable with a sword\". The man turned to face Eliam, throwing the steel dagger on the ground, raising his hands he simply said one word... \"again...\"

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Becoming of a Weapon

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