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Submitted: September 28, 2010

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Submitted: September 28, 2010



“Oh sweet-heart look at your wedding dress,” Mom whinnied hovering over my older sister.

I was standing against the wall of the church changing room watching my mom, Patricia have a heart attack over every little thing. Lonnie, my sister who was the one getting married didn’t even care. Mom was the one who wanted her to get married in the first place to this guy who was a millionaire. She was so pathetic sometimes.

“What?” Lonnie shrugged as she stuffed her mouth with cake.

“You have cake crumbs all over you!” Mom grabbed a rag and quickly started whipping it off well Lonnie continued to stuff her face. “Stop eating! You will be too fat to fit in this wedding dress if you don’t stop-it,”

Lonnie looking upset and set the cake down with a frown plastered on her delicate face. She was naturally pretty with hair so bleached it looked white and faded chocolate brown eyes. But ever since she found out mom had a wedding arranged without her permission she seemed gloomy and looked like she was thirty even though she was only nineteen.

“Mom I don’t know why you have to be so finicky. It’s not you that’s getting married to an ogre with a beard that reaches his eyes,”

“Lonnie Mayberry, I will not have such a scandalous daughter. Mr. Beard maybe a little overweight but that gives you know right to chatter that way!” Mom shrieked making her face turn red.

“Mom you call him a little overweight? Ha if you like him so much why don’t you marry him?” Lonnie mouthed.

“Fine be mouthy the wedding is off and you can be an old maiden before you ever get married!” Mom puffed and started walking away and without turning around she mouthed, “I don’t know how I got such a disrespectful daughter,” Then slamming the door behind her.

“Well that was pretty,” Lonnie smirked.

“Yeah it was,” I smiled.

“That woman seriously has problems,” Lonnie grabbed her piece of cake, “But at least I don’t have to marry Mr. Beard,” She glinted.

“Yeah! I now pronounce Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Beard!” I joked.

“That guy is so ugly,” Lonnie stuck her tongue out. “Well can you help change out of this ugly dress? And maybe we could call Beatrice and see if we can come stay with her because mother officially hates me,” She referred to our oldest sister.

“Umm I can’t go though,” I signed.


“Mom wants me to start dating this guy named River,”

“What the heck? Really? Why? Are you going to listen to her?”

“I guess,”

“That needs to stick her nose in her own business,” Lonnie shock her head.

“Well if you ever decide your sick of her call me. And maybe we could go crash somewhere!”

“Maybe,” I smiled. “But now let’s get you changed,”


The rest of the day went a little better, but not much. Like usual mom was fussing over everything. The supper in her opinion was crappy, her new husband Craig who happened to be number five was pissing her off, Louis the cat stunk, and Isabella, Craig’s ten year old daughter was too noisy for her. Mom was just plain unsatisfied.

“Honey can you have the maid bring a cup of water please,” Mom laid on the couch sprawled out like a cat.

“Sure,” I answered even though I could have done it myself.

Mom liked us not to do much work. She said rich people who wanted to be considered highly never lifted a finger to work. In my opinion it was very wretched. But if you didn’t want mom to have your hide you had better do what she said. Lonnie had to be sent to boarding school because she was dating the wrong types of boys or she dressed too classy from mom’s perspective.

I spotted our maid Vanessa carrying a basket full of clothes. “V can you get mom a cup of water. I can deal with the laundry,” I offered.

“My names not V it’s Vanessa and just because you’re so rich doesn’t give you the right to change my name,” V frowned. “And no you can’t do the laundry I would like to keep my job because I have children to take care of!”

“Sorry,” I apologized and headed up stairs to my room. It was so lonesome in this place. I had no loyal friends to hang with at school which would be starting tomorrow. The only friends I had were bitches who only hung with me for my money. So when I never gave them money they would abandon me. My life was really depressing.

 Mom made my life feel like hell. She would make me date rich guys and hang with only rich girls. She said it made our whole family look bad if I hung with low classed people. But this year I was going to do what I wanted. I was totally going to dump Collin. I was going to be me. I was going to hang with people I liked even if ruined my reputation. I had the right to be whom I wanted even if mom got livid and threatened to send me to my no good dad (that was what mom called him)…

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