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A short story about a time in the life of 4175081.

Submitted: May 12, 2011

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Submitted: May 12, 2011



He was a “regular bobby with his head screwed tight”. She was “an outcast non trend following individual”. He was easily absorbed with relationships. She was stone hearted with fear of committing feelings to another. He was an “XY”. She was an “XX”. They would experience opposite attraction.

Semester’s end was near and their paths crossed. He introduced himself, lending his hand in friendship. She commented back with “You’ve never talked to me before”. Classes were changing and soon his feelings towards this girl would too.

Trade German for English. They no longer had classes. Although they were not actually a “they” this inconvenience was a burden. He saw her here and there. She gave hugs while passing in the halls. It wasn’t enough for either. Somewhat hidden they both crushed on one another.

It was valentine's day. His thoughts of gifting were dropped when he realized she wasn’t that kinda girl. To his astoundment she bought him a card. It wasn’t a big deal but a kind gesture that read; “I hate Valentine’s Day, but you’re cool enough for me to give you a card”. He had had relations before, but never did he let the girl make the first move.

He and she went on dates. He and she experienced happiness. In time they became a “They”. A few weeks together and he started to develop those boyfriend feelings. With the expression of her feelings, he thought it was save to share his. This lead to her telling the truth. The truth that she had had rough relationships and couldn’t help but tunnel any connections within.

The reality was she was “Broken”. She didn’t expect his understanding, and he still fully doesn’t but he took in the thought and stayed with her. He tried to fix her, she even nicknamed him “The love mechanic”.  In time the process was working. She developed what was missing and the two moved forward.

This story is open-ended and their is no end in sight. You can interpret the outcome, but for they, they prefer not to.

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