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its about a man whose and alcoholic and his wife and the way he treated his children.

Submitted: August 04, 2009

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Submitted: August 04, 2009



They met on a sunny day in  the city of bebice in the country guyana he was a steel pan player and she was a nurse
his name was george and her name was lillian,they started to date and they fell in love,about a year after they
decided to move in together because she was pregnant,she also had two older sons.they were very happy,he got a job
working at a bauxite company,life was going perfectly.One night she was waiting up for him to come home as she
usually do but she noticed that he was an hour late when he came in the door she asked where were you and he said
thats non of your business but yet still she insisted that he tell her where he was because he smelled of alcohol
but payed her no mind and she kept asking him and suddenly he slap her and said stop provokeing me i want to sleep
so she left him alone and went to bed crying.The next morning he face was still swollen when  she woke,he told her
he was very sorry and she said she forgive him,her two sons asked her what happened to her face and she said that
something bit her.It was ok untill after she got her third son,about 3 months after the baby was born she was
sitting at home when she heard his voice coming into the yard saying i am the drunken master so she went outside to
tell him not keep noise because the baby was sleepingwhen he heard that he got mad and draged her into the house by
that time all the neighbours were all outside to see what was the comotion,he beat her so bad that she couldnt go
to work the next day and from that day onward he beat her and kicked her and when she triend to talk to his family
to ask them to talk to him about it they would all say that she deserved it.Her mom would tell her to move out and
leave him but she was scared to.She suffered at his hands for the next year,one day she told him she was pregnant
and he was excited she was very happy to see him so excited because she havent seen him smile in a long time,through
the pregnancy he treated her grate he even told her that he would never hit her ever again and she was happy.

When the baby was born he was more happy because it was a baby girl about six months after the baby was born he came
home smelling of a high cented perfume so she asked wher have you been george and he said at his sister so she didnt
bother with it,but a night in the same week he came home smelling of the same perfume and she asked where were you nad
he said he was out wit his steel pan friends so she asked him if he was with another woman,who told her to ask him that
he got so angry he slamed he face into the wall.about a month after someone called on the phone and told her that they saw
him with another woman and the woman name was leretta grey she hung up the phone and burst into tears,when he came
in that night she ask him about loretta grey and he asked her who told her about loretta grey she said a friend he
was furious he started to beat her and told her to stop tracking him.One day her mom came over,she asked her if she know
that george have another woman and that the woman  have a child for him,she started to cry saying that she kno that he
has another woman but she didnt kn that the woman has a child for him,her mom tried to comfort her then said that she
was leaving.On that same day she confronted him about the child that the woman had for him but he just started to beat
her,about a month after george and lillian baby girl which was name stacy took sick the took her to the hospital and
the docter said that she had neumonia,then went home and she prayed that her baby gir was going to be allright.
about a week later baby stacy died,lillian was devastated and george was also hurt they triend to comfort each other
while awaiting on the postmotton for baby stacy lillian's family was by her side daily and georges family saide that
the didnt care.About three days after the doctor called to tell them what the postmorton was but he said that he needed
to see george and lilliand face to face to give them this news because what he is about to tell the is almost impossible
so they went to see the doctor when they got to the doctor he told the that their baby girl died of a broken neck lillian
was amazed,when they srrived home lillian was tryin to put the peaces together but it was not possible.About a month after
baby stacy's death lillian got a phone call from a friend saying that the woman that george was with was a obeah woman
lillian could not beleive wht she was hearing she told the friend thanks for the information and hung up the phone,she
was angry and at the same time scared for her life and her three sons.She never asked george about leretta grey after
that day,she pretended that she was living alone with her sons because george would come and go as he likes and if she utter
a word he would start beating her.she suffered beating at george's hands for the next eight years.One night she came home
from work and found her three sons asleep on the neighbour steps,she was fureous she started to look for george in all the rum
that she knew she searcehd about half an hour then she found him at a bar called secret-end she went over to him and asked him
in his ears quietly can i please have the keys to the house,he was sitting with a woman and some of his friends so the woman
the woman decided to push lillian and tell her to leave george alone,lillian started to fight the wonam brakeing bottles and
rolling on the ground,she took the womans shoe and started to beat her in her head suddenly she felt a hand draging her
it was george,he started to beat her from the bar till home.the next morning george woke up and started to curs saying that
he dont want her two older sons,william and desmond living ther anymore so she told the boys to go and stay at their grandmothers's
about 3 months later lillian told george she was pregnant and he was so happy again he even started to be at home alot more,he
was at work when the baby was born it was a beautiful baby girl her name was michelle when george got home he was over joyed
when he saw that baby girl lying on the bed.
George loved michelle so much he would take her anywhere he was going and his family loved her so much,in the mean time george
continued beating lillian.At the age of five michelle was left at home with george and some of her cousins and her aunt had just moved
into the yard,george was sleeping because he was drunk and her cousins were watching an indian movie when she came to ask for some
water but no one payed her no mind,so she decided to take the water herself she climbed up on the counter and took the water on
her way coming down she accidentally knock a pot of beef that was boiling on the stove she pot hit the ground and the water splashed
onto michelle burning her legs her hands her tommy and he vagina,lillian had jus leave for work as soon as she entered the gate the
switch board opperator told her that she has an emergency at home so she immediately returned home as she entered the gate she saw her
sister with a sheet wraped around someone she got scared saying i hope thats not my baby in that sheet when her sister opened the sheet
she screamed because it was her baby girl crying out that she was hot she was so angry she told her neices and nephew that she was goin
to kill them,all the neighbours were standing around by that time george was up and cursing,lilliand rushed michelle to the hospital
she stayed untill the night when michelle was asleep she went home,when she got home she was so sad her dausghter had third degree burns
on her little body,she cried why lord please dont take her from me too please.  Michelle spent about four months in the hospital,one
day as she was climbing on the windows and the nurses was telling her to come down adn if she didnt promise not to climb again there
walked in two girls saying that they were her sisters.

When george and lillian came to take michelle home from the hospital she told them that her sisters came to see her,george said what sisters
you dont have sisters and lillian just smiled because she knew what george didnt michelle skin started to heal she started to run
around again playng with the other children in the yard.soon christmas time came around and one day while michelle was playing in the yard
a boy came and gave her a gift saying his name was qwesi and he was her brother and kissed her and said your father sent it,when george an
lillian came in they saw her playing with the toys and asked he where did she get it from and she said that her brother gave it to her so
they asked which brother and she said qwesi george said which qwesi but lillian quickly entered the house avoidind the topic,in the mean
while george and lilliand continued with there argueing,but one night george came home drunk and put michelle and her brother rondel out
so when lillian came home she met rondel and michell asleep on the neighbour's steps,they were covered up rondel was lying on the lower
treader of the step and michelle on the one above him so if she rolled she would fall on him,lillian started to cry she baned on the door
untill george opened as soon as he opened the door she started to hit him she beat him and baet him untill she was tiard then she took
her kids inside the house.the following night george did the same thing but this time she found michelle and rondel sleeping in a push
cart,she beat george again it continued happening untill one night she got a call from the police station sayin that she should come
down there when she arrived there she saw michell and rondel asleep on the bench the police officer said they were patrolling and saw
these two kids walking going into the area leading to angoys avenue and brought the there,it was 3:00 o clock in the morning,lillian was
angry she knew if she wen home to hit george she would kill him so she took her kids home and put them to bed and said a prayer and thanked
god that they were safe.Lillian was on her annual vacation so she bought a new television for her kids,so michell and rondel was sitting
watching the television in came george with his normal saying i am the drunken master,he came into the house and headed for the fuse box
but lillian had nailed it shut so he then proceded to the tool box and got the hammer he then stuck the televison screen lilliand flew into
passion she took that same hammer and started to beat george one of the neighbours then proceded to take the hammer as the hammer was taken
away from her she grab the preasure pot and started beating george in his head untill she say his eyes were turning green,after she finished
the neighbours took george to the hospital because she was so angry she didnt even care if she went to jail,when the neighbours returned
they told her that george had three broken ribs and a concation. George's family was very angry and went to the police but the police said
that they cant do nything about it because when george was beating lillian not one of them came to make a report so they should jus let it go.
When george came out of the hospital lillian took care of him untill he was well,soon after he started drinking again and the problems
started all over again,about a month after a neighbour that dispised lillian told george that michelle was not his daughter and george was
very angry he waited for lillian to come home from work,as lillian entered the house george asked is michelle my daughter?,and lillian answered
saying what kind of a question is that?,they then started argueing and lillian said it no michelle is not your daughter,george was mad and he hit
lillian and they started to fight they broke everything that was brakeable in the hoouse,the next day lillian moved out and leave georeg,she moved
in with her mother.  Georges still come around to see michelle and rondel because he says that thats his two children but you kno he is still drinking
his life away at some rum shop.

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