The Dream Proposal

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Well, this will be my first post on this site. This story came to me while in a class today taking turns with students in the "Hot Seat". The hot seat is a little question game that teachers do at the beginning of a school year, or class period so students can get to know each other. Well someone asked another student who was in the hot seat what their dream proposal would be, that got me thinking and I came up with this story, hope you all enjoy, and please give me as many tips and pointers as possible on how to become a better writer, all the advice provided will be taken seriously and be greatly appreciated.

Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Submitted: January 24, 2013



Nick was with his girlfriend Tracy at her favorite restaurant, today was her birthday and he wanted to make sure she had a fun night. He let her order whatever she wanted, let her eat and drink as much as she could; after all, it was her special day. A couple hours went by with the two eating and talking, and then Tracy told Nick she was full and was ready to go home.

Nick said he had a surprise for her though; he paid the bill and left the restaurant walking with Tracy towards the beach. As he walked with Tracy along the beach shore, where the water just barely kissed their feet, be began telling Tracy how much she meant to him, what he loved about her the most, and why he was happy to be with her.

Nick then grabbed Tracy and asked her if she wanted to dance, she accepted and they went hand in hand and did a soft waltz. Nick seemed to be sluggish during the waltz, limping at certain steps of the dance, this made Tracy worry,

“Are you alright?” she asked.

“I’m alright hun, just a little clumsy I guess”

The two continued to dance though Nick still slouched at moments and limped at others. This bothered Tracy a little, but she let it slide, loving the moment she was having with Nick. They danced for a few more minutes, Nicks struggling starting to bug Tracy now,

“Baby are you sure you’re alright, you keep limping” asked Tracy

“It’s fine Tracy, just keep dancing with me”

“But I’m hurting you, we need to stop”

“No, your fine, just a bit longer, please?” Asked Nick,

Tracy was hesitant at first but decided to continue with the dance if Nick said he was alright. They continued dancing a bit longer when Nick stopped abruptly.

“How would you imagine your dream proposal?” he asked,

“Hmm..Something memorable, something that I wouldn’t forget”

“Like this moment we’re sharing?”

“Yes, something like this moment”

The sun began to set and Nick leaned in to kiss Tracy, then as he leaned away, he gave her a white toothy smile and said,

“I think you’ll remember this forever”

Nick then got on one knee and pulled a ring from his pocket, Tracy covered her mouth, about to scream, then she looked up and saw something the defiantly wouldn’t forget. Over Nick’s head, written in the sand, was the sentence “Will You Marry Me?” Tracy started crying and looked at Nick,

“Nick how in the world did you-“

Then she looked at his feet and saw that they were covered in sand, he was limping and staggering during the dance trying to write his proposal in the sand.

“Oh Nick, of course” said Tracy now beginning to sob, she got on her knees, and hugged Nick.

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