Keeps me Loving You

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Submitted: September 01, 2008

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Submitted: September 01, 2008



What is it that keeps me loving you?

Is it because of your modish moulded face,

that compels the moon's pale glow

to bow on your feet?

Or is it because of your chic out fits,

that abate other fashionable women to common place?

what is it with you

that vanquishes my heart

and thrust my emoutions under the spell of hypnosis

feeling like everything you command I can do?

Is it your sunny eyes

that exhilarates me out of my listless feelings?

Or is it your zestful smile that generates

the sun's golden beams into my heart?

Is it in your walk,

or the way you talk?

What is it that delays me,

even when a part of me wants to let go?

Is it the beautiful sight of me I see in you,

and the fact that you are a better part me?

I don't know...

But all I know is...

Without you I wouldn't be complete...

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