In This Moment.

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This is about my hate for how humanity has become.

Submitted: December 10, 2011

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Submitted: December 10, 2011



My mind is set on one thing,

and I will get it.

My vision has become keen.

This will be your punishment.


I am God,

in this moment.


Human scum,

can not run.

You are all so fucking dumb,

as you look down the barrel of my gun.


You are such a waste of life,

and I am taking it back.

With this knife,

I cut you no slack.


Piece of shit society,

can't foretell what is coming.

This is my reign,

and you will die by me.


I am God,

in this moment.


Your life is worthless,

and I can't fucking Wait.

I will not dismiss,

the cleaning of this slate.


Fuck your morals,

and fuck your judgement.

I am God,

in this moment.


There's no need to try,

and escape.

You're all going to fucking die,

and end this eternal hate.


The entire human race,

will be extinct.

When I devour your face,

it'll finally make them think.


This whole world needs cleansing,

of this ghastly disease.

Kill the ones that are spending,

their life fighting for nothing.


I am God,

in this moment.


I will take it upon myself,

to demolish the world.

To kill everything in sight.

To fill the earth back with fright.


I am God,

in this moment.

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