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This is about Theta. Theta is a state of conscious where most are found during meditation, and Astral Projection is most likely to happen.

Submitted: October 18, 2011

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Submitted: October 18, 2011



Sitting in an empty void,

hearing that ringing in my ear...

So familiar...


Darkness envelops the light,

nothing here.

Existence out of sight,

but there is no fear...


Not Here.


Feeling that familiar tug,

my body convulses.

I can feel how slow,

my pulse is.


Pure Theta.


There are no thoughts.

Just emotions.

All I've been taught,

means nothing.


Not here.


Journeying into the unknown

I've found,

requires no sound.

No Mind, no Body.

Just Spirit.


The silence...

You can almost hear it.


The separation,

of conscious and body.

Pure divination.



No reality here.

Flowing at a high vibrational frequency...

There's no need...


To worry.


Question everything,

and find the answers within.

Not so dim.

You just have to find it,

in pure silence.


Existence on more than one plane.

Shifting through dimensions,

without a name.


Pure energy.

Free flowing.


You to see...

Where you're going.


You can't see it with your eyes.


Sense what lies within,

and go.


Buddha consciousness,

contained deep in the human body.

I can feel it starting to nest,

and I'm so ready...


To descend the spiral,

and reach the end.

I feel it expanding,


How shall we begin?


As I awaken,

this time.

I can open,

all three eyes.



that I exist,

but not selfishly.

For we are connected,

by this mysterious mist.


and we mustn't forget.


Who we really are,

and what actually is.


Not to stray too far,

from existence.


We are not separate.

Not by borders, countries, or race.

One population.

You can see it on our face.


Human Beings contain,

a Spirit, Body, and Mind.

We are all the same,

and we have to find...


The string that holds us,

all together.

We must pull it,

to remind one another.


Pure Theta.


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