never should you below your own trumpet

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Submitted: March 10, 2016

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Submitted: March 10, 2016



Never should you below your own trumpet

The world was half- completed; but the creator wanted to fill the world with life. But, his workers were filled with pride by thinking that they who created the world and should be its master. God decided to put an end to this foolishness among his workers. So God decided to announce a competition of creation and the winner will receive three wishes and he will receive the honour of ruling the world. All the workers had to do to win the prize was create a being that can travel in both land and water. The workers found difficult to create a being that could travel both in land and water.  The results of the workers efforts were the creation of the cat and the fish which did not satisfy God.  Finally, two of the God’s Workers created the dog and frog. God called all of his workers and said that none of you deserve the prize not even one of their creation have come to perfection.  The only two beings which have reached the near perfection are the dog and frog.  The dog can run and swim for longer and faster than the frog.  But the frog is the only being which can breathe both in land and water.  The workers felt ashamed.

Moral: One must never let his mind be conquered by pride

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