Aurelian Civ Prologue

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: April 28, 2017

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Submitted: April 28, 2017



Aurelian Prologue

Part One: The Message

2225 our first contact with the Terran Alliance, myself as commander was the first to shake our distant cousin’s hands. My first thought was how and why our cousins ended up on the other side of the Galaxy. If our gods were still here, maybe then we would have our answers. Not one Aurelian questioned his existence on Aurelius, now with humanity and Earth we question everything we know. Is it us or them that came first? Aurelius or Earth that is the cradle of our species?

After our meeting with Humanity, we began to unravel our evolutionary differences and various other questions arose. Human scientists with fossil evidence, had with in combination of our own DNA found a direct link to an ancient Aurelian “Homo-Erectus”, however they went extinct hundreds of thousands of years ago. It was that day in the year 2225 that our entire history was thrown into question.

We then learned that our gods all exist in humanities past, but are considered nothing more than mythology.  Aurelians began mass riots, Temples in the capital were raided and burned to the ground. Omnes Sacerdotis, the head of the Ecclesia on Aurelius called for the violence to cease. He alone had the answer to all of our problems. Our past and future had been revealed to him by our prime deity: Athena.

Athena appeared before him, not as a vision. She appeared in the flesh, she lowered whatever barrier projected her God like form and simply stood as an Arnor. She was no more a god than he was and the priest’s mind began to shatter for all that he knew was no more. She knelt down to the priest, and with a single touch she showed him everything. He saw the civil war that consumed the Arnor race, then Athena herself on Earth using the technology of the Arnor to evolve those simple Humans into the Aurelians of today.

The Schism became known, our existence was given to us by the Arnor, Our Cousins the Humans would grow more distant from that very moment. Humans evolved naturally and unchanged, Aurelians were genetically modified ever so slightly, our height and weight grew and our strength and minds with it. The Arnor granted us knowledge and the power to use it. The priest saw around Athena stood 11 other Arnor – the prime deities of our pantheon.

The vision broke, the priest stood and met Athena’s gaze. She told him that each other Arnor had slowly died. But Athena still stood, her long life bought only by the Arnor technology.  “I am beginning to die more rapidly. You are the Omnes Sacredotis and all shall heed your words as my own.” In response to Athena the priest only said “Tell me, why return? Athena then told him, “I did what I felt was right for your people and this galaxy’s future”.

Tiberius Octarius our Prime Consul, has so far denied these claims made by the Ecclesia and Omnes Sacerdotis. I, write this here not as a way to speak out against the Senate or the Prime Consul. I do this, so that all Aurelian people can hear the full story and discern for themselves what they believe is true.  It’s been 5 years since I last saw Aurelius the year is now 2242, my fleet is fast approaching Arcea and only finding ruin in our --- “COMMANDER! Drengin Ships opening fire!”

Part Two – The Blessing.

Octavius stood, sending the document he wrote to the Senate and secretly a second copy to his home on Aurelius. He then walked over to his ship’s deep space coms device, the officer who operated it was dying, but flipped the switches one last time. Octavius took the headset and spoke “My name is Octavius Cyprianus, Commander of the IV Star Legion, Captain of Athena’s Herald. This is my last transmission. My fleet is destroyed and my ship is being torn aparrr---byyy----aaa---“

Chief Officer Remus cleared his throat and spoke, “Prime Consul that was the last transmission received from Athena’s Herald and Commander Cyprianus.  The audio transmission accompanying his writings seems to have some kind of cosmic interference, we are still receiving parts of it very slowly”. Tiberius looked at his scientific officers with a cold stern gaze, sighed and lowered his head to speak. “Delete – wait, no…archive these messages and prepare for our public statement” Tiberius then dismissed everyone and walked over to the window in his office, it overlooked the capital of Minerva in all its glory. His moment of uncharacteristic weakness faded, clenching his fists he whispered…“The Republic Shall Endure”

“I stand before you all today alongside Omnes Sacerdotis of the Ecclesia, as well as Chief Officer Remus, head of the Aurelian Space Science Department. As you all know since my election to the office as Prime Consul I have done all in my power to drive our senate towards a better Aurelian future – The Ecclesia and ASSD are our spearheads in our drive to reach Utopia.

 I bring them both here today before you all, to provide credibility to recent claims of former Commander Octavius Cyprianus of the IV Star Legion. He was killed in action, by a yet unknown foe and so far we have been unable to recover his vessel “Athena’s Herald”. The rest of his Legion totaling just under 200 ships have all been lost, one escape pod has been found with no survivors. The loss of 800,000 Aurelians will not go unanswered, I assure you all that we will find these answers and begin to heal the wounds of the families affected. I will now allow Chief Officer Remus to speak.” Tiberius took his step back and allowed Remus to take to the stand.

“Senators, I thank you all for allowing us this time and everyone watching or listening around the world.  The ASSD Scientists aboard “Athena’s Herald” prior to their deaths transmitted the full compiled data they had gathered while on their exploration mission near Arcea, and in addition to this data they sent some fragments of whatever anomaly was tearing apart the ship, Our scientists work around the clock to try and figure out this anomaly.” Remus paused, clearing his throat and the sweat from his brow he began to speak again. “The Humans, our cousins and the revelations put forth by Commander Cyprianus are also true. Athena our chief deity is one of the Arnor. However we now know from her that the Dread Lords and Arnor are not one in the same. That her people have waged a civil war for thousands of years.

Remus shook with a nervous cold sweat as he stepped back. Omnes Sacerdotis now stood in his place. “17 Years ago, I revealed to our angered and lost people that our gods and our past was not the true reality. I was dismissed as a lost old man. It was not until today that I could stand here with proof, it is not only from Commander Cyprianus that this proof is being brought forth.” He stepped back as a bright light began to appear at the podium.

“Children of Aurelius, I am Athena. The Last of the Pantheon…” she lowered the prismatic barrier and allowed everyone to see her as the Arnor she truly was. She once again began to speak. “17 years ago riots all across this planet began to erupt. Your colonies refused to answer, some declared independence and then at your weakest…the Yor began to invade once more. You gave much to protect me from the Dread Lords only years before. I disappeared following their defeat due to how weak I had truly become. Then as fate would have it Commander Cypranius came into contact with the Terran Alliance. He was invited to earth and learned of the history of its world. After Commander Cypranius found humanity, I came to him and named him my Herald. He knew the truth behind your peoples and my own existence and he promised to not reveal it until his death.” Athena paused, her chest ached with pain, and she felt weak. She quickly decided to end her speech with a statement. “My Children…your time is now, the stars lay before you, go with my blessing”


Part Three – The Wars to Come.


“Sir, Lady Athena has died. She –“Tiberius waved his hand interrupting the teary eyed recruit “Go now, inform Consul Lucius and have him make the statements on my behalf”. His heart sank the words repeating over and over…”Lady Athena has died” Only weeks before had she stood before the Senate and spoke her calming words, her inspiring words to a people broken and lost. He opened his pocket com and began to scroll through the devices panels. Opening the one marked phone, he made his call. “Sofia, my dear child, it is late and I understand you not answering-----Father! I almost missed you again, I’m sorry little Tiber was keeping me occupied he’s getting so big now, you must visit sometime.” Sofia’s words eased the pain Tiberius felt hanging over him. He took a deep breath and spoke. “I wanted you to hear this from me, before you saw it or heard it anywhere else, Athena has passed on.”

Tiberius felt uneasy, Sofia said nothing for a few moments, “Dad, were going to be ok right? I mean - after the riots before and the temples being destroyed, I’m afraid for your and my own safety” she said with a nervous tone.  The words washed over Tiberius like a fire, the last riots nearly consumed the entire Senatorial district and marched even on the Tower of Consuls. Minerva was consumed with anger, the golden capital still years later hasn’t recovered fully with many districts being repaired. Tiberius cleared his throat. “Do not fear my dear the Praetorians are doubling the guard as we speak. You may come to the Tower and be with me, if you so wish.”

Sofia knew that her father had her best interests in mind, asking her to the tower. The Praetorians were also sent to accompany her family and insure a safe journey. Loud explosive like noises began to grow closer, that’s when the rioters breached the outer wall. Senators and their families now ran towards the Tower, it was not only the Consul Quarters but also a fully armed and warp capable Legatus Class Capital Ship. Only in the direst of circumstances would the entire Senate, Consul Members and their families be sent to it for escape. Fear over having them all on one single ship required that a second Legatus be kept in constant orbit in order to transfer a portion of the Aurelian Government. If one is destroyed the other must insure the Republic Endures.

Sofia’s Praetorians stopped, they heard the echoes of battle grow ever closer. “My Lady, as Capitan I must see to my men, I’m leaving you with my finest and most veteran praetorians” Captain Sorian said with a stern look. Sofia paused before answering…”Yes Captain, I understand” Running faster now she clutched Tiber closer to her, his cries becoming more loud as the battle grew. Her Husband was already onboard the ship, as a junior consul member he was summoned hours before to gather the archives and prepare them for the possibility of an emergency leaving of the planet surface. The Tower doors opened with their usual decontamination procedures and to safety she quickly went.

“Captain Sorian, I am General Decius Caprenius of the Republic Army, my forces are being sent planet side from Star Base Omnia, and Drop Pods are locked on the Senate Grounds. With some luck we will reinforce your Praetorians within minutes” Sorian felt relief from the words “General Caprenius, my men have taken heavy casualties, half the grounds are now lost. Your men are dropping into a hot zone, I advise you prepare for immediate combat, expect heavy losses.” Sorian turned his gaze to the battle at hand, his men set up a barrier between two senate houses, the shield generators were going out from the rebel bombardment. He began to drift mentally, not realizing the danger he was in.

“Captian Sorian, SORIAN!” Sorian quickly realized he forgot about General Caprenius who was now shouting in his ear. “Sorry General!”…”Captain Sorian this is your first taste of actual combat I assume?” the General said with a hint of anger. “Yes General, I was only promoted to captain weeks ago and I’ve never been stationed on planet side” said Sorian. “Ok Captain, you need to stay clear of mind, don’t wander out there, ignore your distractions and fight because right now your life depends on it. Do you understand me Captain? Sorian paused before answering only for a second before shouting “Yes Sir!”

 The noise of the drop pods screaming down like thunder broke across the grounds. Sorian handed the headset back to the coms officer and quickly rushed to the nearest drop pod. “Welcome to Minerva” he greeted them with an uneasy grin. “Ha! Smells worse than Omnia does, but we will fix you boys right up” said Tribune Regulus. “Good, you are the Tribune?” Said Sorian. “Yes Sir. I am your current lead officer unless we find the Legate, his drop pod is specially marked and if he isn’t here he must be on the wrong side of our lines, these damn drops always seem to miss”. The Praetorians and their Army reinforcements regrouped and began to push the rebels back, what started as a riot became a planet wide crisis in only a few hours.

“Prime Consul, I strongly advise we leave now for the orbiting Legatus.” Said Consul Lucius. Tiberius shook his head and looked at Lucius. “No, send the senators and their aides, I refuse to leave Minerva and this Tower, we will launch into orbit if need be, but I will not leave this planet until those rebels are knocking on my door.” Said Tiberius. He thought to himself it was only Hours, maybe three or four. Somehow a thousand man strong rebel army initially thought only as rioters, began to attack with near equal firepower as the Praetorians set to guard the city. How was this possible he asked himself?

“Prime Consul! Word from Arcea has reached the Omnia. General Decius Caprenius is waiting to speak with you.” Said a Consul member.  “Go ahead General, tell me everything you know” said Tiberius. “The Arceans, have recaptured Arcea with help of the long lost Terran 1st fleet, Lord Vega is attempting to contact you as well please standby for his transmission” said the general.

Lord Vega came onto the coms and began to speak “Prime Consul Tiberius Octarius, we have never met and well your people are a recent emergence in our galaxy from your Outer Rim. My People defeated the dread lords alongside the coalition, it was the surprise invasions of both the Yor and Drengin that had brought us so low, it is to my understanding that you also fought the dread lords during your isolation and later withstood not only the Drengin but also the Yor. My people respect this more than you can realize, the drengin are our oldest enemies. Your efforts are not unnoticed and I on behalf of my people offer you a place in our Coalition.  Will you stand by us for all the wars to come?”

Final, Part Four – Crusade

Tiberius and Lord Vega had spoken for hours, on all manner of battle plans and a rough lay out of Aurelian legion deployments against the Yor and Drengin.  The both stood together looking out over the rebuilding Arcea. Less than a year before Tiberius had accepted Lord Vega’s invitation to join the coalition. The Aurelian and Arcean fleets broke the Yor lines and managed to open trade between Minerva and Arcea. Which greatly helped speed up the repairs on Arcea. On Minerva the rebellion was quickly put down, the rebel leader claimed to be a reincarnated Arnor, claiming to be “Mars” the long lost member of the Pantheon. His death came by his own hand, and the rebels surrendered without hesitation. Weeks later the II, VI, VII and X Legions with an Arcean auxiliary force broke a combined Drengin and Yor fleet that outnumbered them nearly 3 to 1. This Victory greatly inspired the broken people of both Arcea and Aurelius. They now see themselves as force that truly has a chance at victory.

“Tiberius, our forces fight with great coordination, your fleets and my own have won countless minor skirmishes and now with our victory over their combined fleets we have temporally bought ourselves a respite. However their forces still pressure our allies immensely, we need your aid in pushing back the Yor who have reestablished a blockade on our trade routes with the Terrans. Can you spare your legions for this action? Said Lord Vega.  Tiberius pondered his words carefully before answering Vega.

“My Friend, I’m afraid I cannot aid you in this action directly. I can spare maybe 4 Centurion Class Frigates and 1 Ultima Class Capital ship. Now this includes a full escort of Optio and Vindicator Class Fighters and Strike Craft. Roughly 60 ships.  If you truly think the Ultima isn’t enough I can recall one Phaedra Cruiser from my own personal escorts and provide you with it.” Said Tiberius. Lord Vega looked somewhat upset by this refusal, but Tiberius felt he had come to an understanding and while it wasn’t the full might of a legion this force was still formidable.

“Your commitment to your own colonies and your continued defensive maneuvers, with a lack of commitment to large scale decisive battles will not win you this war Tiberius”. Vega felt the words snap from his mouth, perhaps he came on to strong. While he was an honorable warrior and proud arcean, he still felt a need of these Aurelians who currently had the largest force besides the recently emergent Terran Fleets. “The Terran second fleet is fighting a desperate battle and while the first fleet has reemerged, they seem to have their own goals. A great crusade is coming, but I feel I can no longer trust my former human allies.” Said Vega more calmly.

Tiberius knew deep down right then the truth that had washed over him, The Thalan had revealed to him years ago that humanity is the bane of this universe. That they will wash over it with a relentless genocide until none remain. Lord Vega’s concerns over his allies’ cold shoulder was another nail in that coffin. Tiberius could no longer deny, he felt fear thinking of the Terran Crusade.


© Copyright 2020 Peron Heinrich. All rights reserved.

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