A Perfect Gentleman

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Short paragraph about letting someone into your life after and abusive relationship.

Submitted: October 18, 2010

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Submitted: October 18, 2010



It realy wasn't supposed to happen. I told myself after last year, that love was just imaginary. No one could be with you like that, causing you that pain. Giving you those tears that so offen managed to seep through clenched eyes. So it must not have been real. But it was. And it is.

The way you smiled when we met. How you still look at me that way, every day.

You wear the same cologne all the time, the smell of a perfect gentlemen. You drop me off when we arrive at my house. I do not offer for you to come in, you don't ask. I grin at this, thinking maybe i'm not dreaming.

You have stolen a few kisses.

Not once have you forced me to do anything. Just like a perfect gentlemen.

I often catch my breath at the most random times, not believing you're in my life. But when flowers are delivered to my desk at lunch, everything floods back.

Sometimes it's a good thing.

Sometimes it's not.

But that's not what matters, it's the fact that you know what's happened and you except it.

I still don't like people touching my neck, or hearing his name. And you understand. Nothing lasts forever.

But we can try to make this last a long time.

-You are-

My pefect gentlemen.

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