waking up in the morning

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A girl who is getting started with her life after graduation and is dealing with her crazy family, trying to be independent and be all the things others want her to be and not loosing who she is.

Submitted: February 23, 2013

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Submitted: February 23, 2013




I woke this morning not feeling positive or negative. Well just thinking that I don’t want anyone to be home. One might think why a person would feel this way. I will tell you why. Let me introduce myself. I’m Zarah. I just got my masters degree 2 months ago. I have been trying to get a job where I will be happy and this is bloody impossible let me tell you. It is not completely the economies fault either.

It is mine as well. I studied maybe not completely different subjects than I want to work as. Let me take a break and get back to why I wanted no one to be home. My mother spent a lot on my education. She doesn’t want the money back just she wants me to go out. She will do anything for me. But she has a silver tongue, which will make you voluntarily fall on a knife to stop hearing what she has to say.

My brothers are cool but sometimes they can get mean too. I am a complete dreamer I want the best job there is out there. I want the best man out there, best place out there, and best life out there. Ok maybe not the best. I want my life to be like a movie or the best romantic novel where not only I get the guy which every girl would die for. But also I want to be the girl every guy will die for.

Anyways when I woke up everybody was there including a few of my mom’s colleges. My mom is a social worker. She loves doing stuff to get popular with her peers but she has a great heart. You will get to know why in the future. Let me skip to when the time arrived to go to bed. I was more depressed than ever and not knowing if I will get my dream life. Somewhere deep down in my heart I know it will come true.

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waking up in the morning

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