To have, or not to have a heart...

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Just something that popped into my head today...its not a poem I think, it isn't a short story either...but I hope you enjoy reading it and let me know what you think...thank you! cheers!

Submitted: October 11, 2012

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Submitted: October 11, 2012



To have or not to have a heart

We are all born with a pure heart,

A brand new heart that has never been abandoned,

A brand new heart that has never been broken.

Some carry their entire pure hearts until they’re teenagers,

Others only get to have an untouched heart for a day….

But every time that someone maims and abuses your heart,

Every time that you’re left defeated, to pick up the pieces and rebuild it,

You have a choice…

Do I still want my heart?

Or do I leave it broken and abandoned?

Do I put it in a steel box deep inside of me where no one else will ever find it again?

You can choose to be heartless,

you can choose to ‘not care anymore’…

But does not caring at all make you happy in the end?

Or does it leave you empty and emotionless,

living life like an empty shell that washed up on the shore.

I choose to have a heart…

I choose to risk having it broken and abandoned and misused,

You may call me a fool for it…

But at the end of the day,

when I’m putting the shattered pieces back together,

I know I made the right choice...


Because I’d rather feel a lot of pain and a little love,

than not feel anything at all…

To have or not to have a heart,

That my dear friend, is the question.

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