Engraved in Stone 4

Poem by: persiankhushi


Aprehending the criminal.


Submitted: May 29, 2013

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Submitted: May 29, 2013




“Engraved in Stone”

 “If Only she could Disintegrate”


The police constable and female lieutenant arrived promptly

First the friend gave his statement

A copy of the doctor’s report was scrutinized

Before the lieutenant gently questioned the victim

There after the police inquired

About the address

Heavily sedated she fell into a deep sleep

Before being wheeled into theatre

She suffered severe concussion and blood loss


The police headed for the aunt’s place

Where they found the perpetrator with his lawyer

He was taken into custody

Claiming that he and the victim were engaged

And that she was taunting him during a lovers tiff

The perpetrator spent the night behind bars

Next day his attorney had him released on none physical witness technicality

As usual it was the victim’s word against the perpetrator’s


Next day the victim’s aunts came to visit

Or rather to interrogate

Matter of fact the elder of the two aunts raised the beast since small

And didn’t believe that he was capable of this crime

The entire blame was placed on her, the victim

Too broken to reply

The nurse heard the raised voice and investigated

The victim/patient was hysterical

Sobbing uncontrollably

She can’t go back there, not after what happened

And this morning’s outburst from her aunt

She can’t go home to her mother and siblings

They have same mindset as the aunts

Where is the justice?

The police are smiling with bribes in their back pockets

Her lawyers will battle to the end

Until evidence and case files and dockets at police station disappeared

The most traumatic experience then she still had to defend

Herself from people who call themselves her family

Alone, yet surrounded by fiends who care



To be continued......



© Copyright 2017 persiankhushi. All rights reserved.

Engraved in Stone 4 Engraved in Stone 4

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Aprehending the criminal.
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