I Got The Butterflies Back

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I might just have the butterflies back.....

Submitted: February 23, 2009

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Submitted: February 23, 2009



Could this be true?

Could it happen all over again?

Could I feel these things once more?

I think today

I got the butterflies back

I know when they left

They flew out of my life

and into the darkness of the night

and with them

they took my happines

But just as fast as they left, they came back

This time

I think you might have them too

Wouldnt it be nice

If our butterflies flew off together

as one

Today I got the butterflies back

Your smile never really lost its magic

but today it really glowed

and your eyes never lost their beauty

but today they seemed fresh and perfect as the sky

and the way you talked never really lost its power

but today it left me mystifyed

and walking near you never really did stop making me happy

but today, we were so close I couldnt help but be breathless

and I never really did stop talking about you to my friends

but today all i could do was smile endlessly

Today I got the butterflies back

Today I became happy again

Today was already great

But you were defintely the icing on the cake

And as i lay in bed tonight

I will dream about butterflies and the day

the day that I got

the butterflies back

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