Life is What We Make It

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Hurt. Uncertainty. Life. Love. It's about wanting to be free of everyone and everything.And not considering the loss to yourself.

Submitted: April 19, 2007

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Submitted: April 19, 2007



If life is what we make it,

And fear is an excuse to put off what we know we must do,

Then is not fear the enemy Of both me and you?

My life will be,What I want it to.

Fear will never block my path,

Love will never slow me down.

Anger I will use,

My life shall always be mine to choose.

Emotions are impediments of a weak mind,

Feelings are only the product of confusion and eyes blind.

See me now, for who I am

Please don’t try to change me

I will never be your lamb

I will not lie down to rest my eyes,

With trust in you to watch over me.

I can not feel what I do not understand,

I can not love when I do not trust.

I pity you for your faith in me,

For your love of what you picture me to be.

I can not say what you wish to hear,

But I will not be made to shed a single tear.

If you would just go,

And leave me to be,

Then in reality would we not both be free?

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