Why, for only one night?

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I had him back, for one night.

Submitted: May 30, 2008

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Submitted: May 30, 2008



Last night I dreamt of him at last I dreamt we were friends that all else was past

That we loved and laughed and kissed

That we shared that we'd each been missed

I sat alone until he came he wiped my tears and smiled that way and just like that i forgot what to say I'd rehearsed revised and reversed but when he came over All thought was scorched

It was his kiss his smile his face That made me wish I could always stay in that place

I clung to him thankful he was strong because the truth is i was ever so very wrong

But that didnt happen I know that now When the day came he faded away Once again i lost him to the background

And here I am writing day after day here i am pining for what i need him to say That he loves me as I love him That he can have me as only a friend

So that when I see him whenever that may be he won't banish me to the rim to his periphery

This ache inside it won't go away There it shall stay day after day Until you forgive and let me know That a true love for you I can finally show

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