May We Stay Together

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Words that could be sumed up when we are together

Submitted: December 31, 2010

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Submitted: December 31, 2010



I am the tears sliding down your face as well as the sparkle in your smile.

I listen for your cries so that I may run to you to comfort you as best as I know how.

I know the pain in your heart just as you feel mine.

May we hold onto each other and never let go.

May we stay strong for one another as this world kicks us down.

May we be strong enough to lend each other our strength when we struggle to stand.

Never will we turn our back on each other as we are being attacked.

My our black hearts heal each other so we may once again have true happiness in them.

Let us hold hands so that we can hold each other up when someone pushes us down.

Let us be there for each other always.

I hear the whispers in your heart just as you can hear mine.

Our hearts whisper, promising to each other "together forever".

I shall hold onto you till I can breathe no more.

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