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A short story about the journey of one dove

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



A dove crossed the thin air of the morning, he was covered with ashes.
The bird flew above the ruins, above the corpses, above the tanks, and soldiers, he felt that her wings were tired, and he should get some rest, he rested near a young boy, soldier.

Bullets covered his torso, and his eyes were aimed at the sun rise, he lied peacefully on the ashes, he looked at him, he came close to the little boy, from his pocket, he took out a note. The sun had shined over his face, "where are you heading?" he asked him, "can you give this to my mother?" he took off his shoe string and tied the note to his leg, "I forgot to place it on my desk before we came here, if you can, keep an eye on them" the dove was startled, he didn’t understand what this man wanted from him and why was he lying on the ground, and why…. why is he looking at the sun rise with cold eyes, smiling, not moving.

He kept flying from a border to border, gunpowder and the smell of corpses covered him, he managed to see the ocean from the black smog. He saw men in giant vehicles moving towards a huge metal structure in the water, maybe a place she could rest.
He sat around the deck,  looked at the water, a boy with blueish uniform, went to him, with a slice of bread, he spread bread crumbs on the floor, the temptation was too large for the bird, she ate them, a familiar sensation went through his body, she felt like she was familiar with those uniform, a light shined over his face, he felt warmth and a weird sensation, the boy sat next to him, in return for the bread crumbs, he showed him the note he was carrying for some reason he thought it is the right thing to do at the moment, the soldier was surprised, he picked up the note.

He opened the note, a white, bloody page, a letter, he mange to grab the dove, he ran to the insides of the ship, searching for his squad commander.

He didn’t figure a lot of their conversation, but she understood that this letter was meant to someone.

For the next few days, the dove had stayed with the person who captured him, he learned that his name was john.

After those days they reached land, john stood on the ground with another solider, "what happened to him" john asked, "Yesterday helicopters spotted a body that was left behind where the air strike happened, they found him"liberated him to the fresh air.
He hesitated for a moment and then flew away.
At the skies he started to see, images from the eyes of a human, of humans, family, he saw a mother holding hishand, tears filed her eyes, he observed his little brother, a voice came from inside him, 'you know, soon he will join the army as well', he saw a giant ship, like the one he cruised in, he were at the insides of a tank and soldiers who singed and laughed at one moment but on the other ,dead, cold faces, frozen eyes, he saw himself  runningthrough ruins with a man on her back, he heard gun shots, and he saw himself hiding the man, and running forward, shooting everywhere.
At the end she saw a white dove who was colored black by ashes and blood of young children, 'now you understand…'.

He flew for a while before reaching a house, a small brown house, standing at a row of other indifferent houses, but somehow this one was special.
He sat on an apple tree that had a view to the window, he felt warmth.

He saw a man and a woman, drinking coffee at a table, looking at the television, worried, a young man, the brother, wild a baby, 'they told me that my sister  is beautiful'. His heart ached.

After a few moments a car parked at the house, the mother looked at the window, her eyes were full, she screamed, soon the father looked as well, three soldiers, came to the front of the other knocking, the dove sat on the branch, he didn’t know what happened, but tears filed her eyes.
The brother came to the door, and started to open it, the mother yelled and forcefully closed the door, "You are mistaken this is the wrong house, my son is alive he promised me, he promised me" she kept pushing the door, her husband came to her, and hugged her, tears came down on his chicks, their younger son fell on his knees "please tell us his injured" he begged, the new sister had started crying as well, one of the soldiers shook his head in despair, it wasn’t their first time telling someone, the mother screamed, a scream of sorrow, she couldn’t believe, her son, her hero, the strongest man she knew,
the one she prayed for every day, and every night, she couldn’t understand, that she will not see him anymore.

The mother went to the messy room of her dead son, smelled the green sheets, books were on the wood desk, and shoes on the floor, and his dog came to the bed and licked the mother. She cried in till she fell asleep, the house was completely silence, the dove got to the window of his room, and watched the mother cry.

It took her almost a year till she could read the letter he left to her, it was the birthday of the deceased son, friends and family gathered at the house, they cried and told stories, they sat at the table, the chair he used to sit on was empty, they looked at it for a few minutes, maybe if they will wait, he will return.

All of them wanted him to come from the door and say it was a prank, a horrible prank, but it wasn’t, this is realty.

The mother want again to his room, it didn’t change, the dog was already there, waiting for his owner who will never return, she sat on the floor, next to the shrine of his photos and army uniform that she made for him, she sat there, looking at the letter, one last massage, one last glimpse of him, she slowly opened the yellow letter.

'Mother, father, brother, and my new sister, when you read this letter, it means the worst had happened, it means, I will not come to dinner at weekend, it means I will not see my little brother join the army or get married, I will not get to witness my sister walking for the first time, It means I am at a better place, I am happy, I died for my friends, I died for my country and for my family, I'm proud of myself.

Brother, my little hero, you were always smarter than me, we used to fight all the time for who is better, I said I want to be a pilot, and you, an astronaut, brother, keep living, I am sorry I left you behind, but you must continue and accomplish many great things in your life, don’t forget to take good care of mom and dad.

Little sister, I when you were brought to life, I had been protecting life, I had taken life, my greatest wish for you, is that when you be older, there will be no more wars, no more tears, I will not be there when you get your first job, god darn it not even when you start to speak, but I can only ask from you, be the best person you can.

Dad, it is your boy, I am not here anymore, but you must keep mom safe, you know she is very emotional, father, keep our family together, you were the best father I could wish for.

Mommy, I broke my promise, I'm so sorry, I left you.
Mom, don’t cry over me, don’t break, stay strong, fight, be strong, I love you so much, just remember to let life go on, without me, I will not return, but I will wait, and I don’t regret not a single thing, I died in honor, I will keep an eye on you, I will always be there for you, I know, I can't tell you not to cry, but when the time comes, and you read this letter, just remember I lived my life fully.

I will end this with my favorite song- Hallelujah:

I did my best, it wasn't much 
I couldn't feel, so I tried to touch 
I've told the truth, I didn't come to fool you. 
And even though 
It all went wrong 
I'll stand before the Lord of Song 
With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah.'

She looked at the letter, her hands were shaking, she sobbed, and then cry, it won't be the last time, "I will not move on without you, I will move on because of you" she said to him, she looked out from the window, a dove was sitting there, they looked at each other for a brief moment, and then the white bird flew away.

Few days afterwards there was a rain storm, the brother wore the same kind of uniform as his older brother. The mother faked a smile for him.
The same dove watched from a branch as the brother get to the car, he looked at the mother, tears filled her eyes, she looked at the dove, the clouds moved a little from the gap, the sun came out, and made with the run a beautiful rainbow, 'mother, I will take care of him', the mother looked at the bird, and nodded she whispered, "thank you". 


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