Blackie... (Purdey, Symes and Wright - part 10)

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... poor stray...

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



… Blackie… (Purdy, Symes and Wright - part 10)


Peter Hunter


   Sunday morning and Mum was cooking chicken… 'Purdey get down…' she ordered. 'I said get DOWN…' now more a shout than an order.

Wright, who had been sitting silently, sloped across the slate tiles with that slightly guilty lowered walk which he always adopted when in danger of being unjustly blamed for something…

But Purdey and Symes were not the only cats aroused by the appetising smell of roasting chicken…

… out side a small back nose twitched, a hopeful glance was aimed towards the kitchen window.

'Blackie has smelled the chicken…' said Mum, '… he poor thing really would like some.'

'Why don't you give him a little?' Offered Dad.  'You're about to give the wings to Purdey and Wright.

'Don't you remember - we agreed not to feed him.  It would only cause fights with our three and possibly with Molly and Pooky…

… and as a stray, he's probably got some horrible disease.'

'I can't bear it,' complained Dad, 'he's a poor thing - thing, fur a bit ragged and turning brown in places - but he's still a cat, and I love all cats.'

Suddenly Blackie's step quickened and he hastened toward the woodshed where we suspect he sometimes sleeps.  Symes appeared from the direction of the road walking in his laid-back almost lazy style…

… almost a casting vote if we needed one - chicken for three cats…

and for Blackie…

… nothing…




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