God Gives Wings For True Strivings

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When constant attempt is made, We will secure A-grade, Please know this my dear comrade, Let true efforts be displayed, and let fate be outplayed.

Submitted: January 28, 2010

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Submitted: January 28, 2010



Every miracle happens by striving
Striving alone helps in surviving
With confidence when mind is driving
Marvelous results will be arriving

To pursue with grit brings glory
It will as well solve easily penury
Let it be Einstein or Edison or curie
Striving only makes life exemplary

Wright Brothers brains calculated
Striving attitude both cultivated  
Their mental stamina they demonstrated
By Divinity they were fully compensated

Serendipity will also strongly work
When one is dedicated, it brings luck
Despite efforts when one scores a duck
Suddenly a golden treasure will be struck

Without retreating if one continues
He is sure to get the happiest news
Only when faculties are in constant use
To sanction success, God will choose

Every invention is a great reward
As one's pursuit fate may retard
If one gives up not, but work hard
Upon him will shower glory our Lord

The rabbit slept, but the tortoise ran
What a story to inspire this man
Man can achieve as per his plan
If he strives for a very long span

By striving comes skill's acquisition
Which gives in life a high position
Striving hard is the wisest decision
To create a sure-to-win situation

There the mountain majestically stands
To climb it people start from their lands
Their striving power the mountain understands
Using that plus point the mountaineer understands

If one strives hard, he can definitely conquer
As striving is the yardstick of the Maker
Only to genuine efforts God gives succor
As, such a soul is World's true speaker

Efforts when one prolongs
Only to him success belongs
Constant efforts rectify the wrongs
Repeated attempts only bring superb songs

Last but not least for one to carefully note
To sincere striving only God gives His vote
Take concrete steps and with hope float
Chances to lose are hundred percent remote.


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