Higher Ground (another Purdey, Symes and Wright story)

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... naughty cat...

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



Higher Ground… (another Purdy, Symes and Wright story)


by Peter Hunter



… I like to rest or sleep, high up - where I can easily see who is around me…

particularly the boys, Symes and Wright. Yesterday, after our short morning conference in the tractor shed - Mum and Dad were still lazily in bed so I thought I would also take a nap - in the kitchen where I could be he first in the queue for breakfast.

Normally it is my practice to sleep on the top of the coffee machine, a habit my Mum says is unhygienic - so now she covers it with a tea towel for me to lie on…

… but today for a change I decided to seek higher ground and jumped further up - onto the lower shelf of the units adjoining the wall.

Unfortunately one of Mum's ornate flower decorated vases had got there first. Cat plus vase equals - something has to go to make room…

… a Chinese vase left to Mum by her motherand treasured…

As and I was stronger and heavier than the vase, it went…

  … bouncing down to the top of the coffee machine then down to the slate-tiled floor. Result - about five-hundred-thousand shards of the china and a horrendous loud crash.

Following fast footsteps downstairs, Dad appeared.

'Purdey - you bad, bad cat…' he bellowed.

How he knew enough to blame me - I will never know. Staying motionless and with my eyes closed tight, I feigned innocence…

… but I knew that with the delayed breakfast and a temporary lack of affection that I was the prime suspect…




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