Leadership - Part 2 - Self-esteem

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... continuing succceding by helping oothers belive in them-selves...

Submitted: February 26, 2012

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Submitted: February 26, 2012



Leadership - Part 2 - Self-esteem

Peter Hunter


Who are you..?

What is the most notable thing about you? What do you feel you have achieved most in your life so far? If you died today - what would you like written as your obituary or your epitaph?

Consider the following - if just one hundred people were to be preserved to perpetuate the human race, perhaps to colonise the Universe, and if it became compulsory to apply to join them. What would you claim as your qualifications to be one of that elite? What characteristics would you claim, masking you worthy of selection?


If you find this question difficult to answer convincingly, then you really need to work on improving your self-esteem. If it is merely modesty which precludes you from thinking you are in any way worth preserving, then that alone is a handicap because if you do not first and foremost believe in yourself you will find it difficult to get others to follow you.

It is not that you are do not deserve an obituary; or you do not possess worthwhile qualifications to represent the human race. You maybe have just not got around to recognising them yet. Do not be alarmed about this.

It shows you perhaps have a little more thinking to do than you realised…

Are you now asking yourself, how does the author measure up to his own questions? I have anticipated this.

Fact is: "I showed many others how to believe in themselves"…

I have achieved many things that I am proud of. Mostly they involved leading a team without which little would have been accomplished. My successes depended on having a successful team. Together we tackled many new and original problem areas, explored much 'unknown territory', produced a host of new answers and techniques.

I was very aware of the catalytic effect I had on my team. The bulk of the effort was theirs. Many of my protégés went on to very senior positions in other organisations and several now own their own very successful companies.

We also had a lot of fun…



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