The Well Boy

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A story about a boy, whos in a well.

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012



Once Upon a Time, there lived a young boy who live in a well. But not just any well, he lived in a well full of Bread and full of jars of river water.
The boy had so many loafs of Bread, and so many jars of water, he had enough to make him survive for an entire year.
One year later, he had eaten all of the bread and drank all of the water, and he was very hungry and lonely.
"I've got to get out of here!" He said to himself. "But how..?"
Just then, he heard footsteps coming from above.
"Yo!" yelled the boy. "HELLO! HELP! I AM STUCK IN THIS WELL!"
He then saw the head of a man roughly in his 20's or 30's poke out from above.
"OY!" He called. "How'd you get down there, eh?"
"Long story," Replied the boy. "But could you help me out of here?"
"Sure thing! I'll be right back." And with that, the man then dissapeard into the city, and did'nt return for another 13 minuets.
when he returned, he had a long rope in his hand, as well as a grappling hook.
"Now listen here!" He called down. "I'm gonna throw this here rope down, and I want ya to catch it, got it?"
The Boy nodded his head.
"alright, here we go!" The man then threw down the the rope with a mighty swing, but he dropped the grappiling hook and it fell on his foot.
"EIJIT!" He yelled, and the rope fell from his grasp and down the well.
"It's okay!" Called the boy.
"I'll just throw the rope UP to YOU."
"All right."
So then the boy threw the rope up high, and the man caught it in one swift movement of his hand.
"Now pull me up!" Yelled the boy.
"you got it!" The man then pulled the rope with all his might, but it then broke in two. The blast of the broken rope blasted him back onto the stone road, in which he got knocked out cold.
The boy sat down in the well.
"Now what?"
Just then, he saw a bright yellow stone in the dirt. He picked it up, but it seemed to heavy to pull. Then, he pulled it with all his might, and suddenly, a large golden door opened up under the dirt.
"Huh?" he said.
he then opened the door, and he saw it led to to a strange place with blue trees and an orange sky.
On the trees he saw strange white fruits, which made his stomach grumbled.
He saw a purple river, which made his mouth dry.
He walked into the strange world.
Just then, the man woke up.
"Eeeuugh... OY! HEY KID! Don't worry, I'll go get 'nother rope!"
"It's okay.." Said the boy. "I think I'll be just fine."

4 Years later, His skeleton was found.


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